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    I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid

    I have a 2007 Camry Hybrid with 61,000 miles on it. Here's my experience:
    1) Used it for several years doing 80 to 100 mile daily commutes at "rolling slowdown" freeway speeds. Average was 37-38 mpg.
    2) Short use of say 3 to 5 miles per day in cold weather

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    Here's my experience with a

    Here's my experience with a 2007 Camry Hybrid (Japan build) with 61,000 miles.

    1) Used on long daily commutes of 80 to 100 miles RT at less than freeway speeds on hilly terrain gets you 37-38 mpg. 2 passengers. The car performs best on longer drives in warm weather.
    2) Short 3-5 mile hops in cold weather get you 25 mpg or so. Not much better than a conventional vehicle.
    3) After I changed out the low rolling resistance OEM tires to Bridgestones with good wet traction mileage dropped from 37/38 to 35. Those tires definitely make a difference.
    4) Mileage will always be worse with more passengers in mountainous terrain. But a conventional vehicle's performance drops as well.
    5)I've had Prius owners ride in the car and they always comment on the lower noise, more comfort and space and more solid feel.
    6) Absolutely zero mechanical or electrical problems of any kind to date. In that respect it's the best I've ever had-except for all of those factory recalls!

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    Hi Guys, I’ve got 2008

    Hi Guys,

    I’ve got 2008 TCH, owned it for the 2 years now. I presently live in Winnipeg, Canada – cold winters, hot summers. Here are my observations, experiences and comments after reading your posts:

    1. Short city trips – 2-5km or miles will not get you good mpg. In the winter it’ll be even worst.
    2. When I incorporate (twice a week) trip to the beach that takes me about 40 min of 60% driving on highway with no lights my gas mileage improves drastically.

    If anyone wants’ to convert my metrics, here it is:
    Summer 5.9 to 6.9 L. per 100 km.
    Winter 11-12 L. per 100km.
    Fall - Spring 7.5L per 100km.

    I am quite content with those figures.

    3. I do find that gas mileage heavily depends on the season, driving style, type of the road etc. than the tires, oil, and other mentioned factors. That’s my personal opinion. However I do use 0w20, as it it recommended in the car manual and it makes sense to me.

    4. I use cruise control as often as I can (and when I remember). I set the speed to around 50km/h (30mph) put on cruse and drive home like an old man for couple of kilometers (or you can use miles).

    5. Trying to “coast” as much as possible also helps to save gas and improve mileage.
    6. Moving slowly from the “stop” position, not trying to beat other drivers at the stop light, makes a difference as well.

    Overall if you used to speedy adventurous style of driving TCH is not the car for you.

    I like that I am saving on gas, I like that I am engaged in the “how can I save more” game while I am driving, I like the driving comfort, safety, reliability and the look.

    My wife loves driving with me ever since I got TCH because of how I drive now…which is an added bonus.

    I am expressing my own opinion and experiences. Hopefully some of the info is helpful.

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    What is the optimum MPG for

    What is the optimum MPG for the new camry hybrid, driving in a city?

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    Just bought the 2012 LE

    Just bought the 2012 LE hybrid. Love everything about it! My Avg is 42 MPG driving from Virginia Beach to DC and around town in DC area. This is at 344 Mi (Just bought it before going to DC)I am just hitting half the tank now. My typical in town MPG is 47. I have on two occasions reached 59 MPG. My driving habits plus using the display seems to be right on target. Use this car well, and it will treat you right.

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    48 MPG is my best, avg is

    48 MPG is my best, avg is about 36.

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    Just recently (within the

    Just recently (within the last couple of tanks) I've noticed my 07 Camry Hybrid is getting terrible gas mileage. The tank average for both recent tanks has been 22.2 - 23.4 mpg. What's going on here?

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    I live where the summer

    I live where the summer daytime temps average 105 F and have noticed consistently that my mileagedrops from the mid 40's to around 37 MPG during daytime compared to nighttime. On a cool evening (80F) I can get 50+MPG. I don't drive any differently in daytime as opposed to nighttime. Basically the car won't go imto EV mode and the battery won't charge into the "green" zone when it's hot outside. The car is parked outside during work hours and garaged at other times in a non-airconditioned garage. I called the local dealer who says that's "Normal" for our climate. Any comments? 2012 XLE Hybrid. No other issues. I haven't had the car in winter yet so I don't know what will happen then.

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    2007 TCH....my best gas

    2007 TCH....my best gas milage on a short trip from gas station home has been.... abg of 60mph...gentle pressing of gas...all EV mode...best car and quietest I EVER HAD!

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    Bought a used 2007 Camry

    Bought a used 2007 Camry with 169K miles in March 2012. It was owend by a company and beside changing oil and tires no other work was done.
    I am getting 38 to 42 MPG depending upon my driving habits. Have to change the tires at 179K but can use rear alignment.

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