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    this is, actually, against

    this is, actually, against any real life observations any other 2007 TCH owner has. and I live in Seattle, and can tell you right now, that car does OK in heavy traffic only for 15-20 minutes, as that's how long charge lasts, and thereafter you are running on ICE full steam, recharging it. And driving in Seattle city traffic kills mpg real bad.
    Also, that car mpg drops down BAD at any speed above 55mph. Or in temperatures below 55 degrees.
    Unless, of course, you weigh only 120 lbs, as I weigh 275 and those 200 lbs difference do count.

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    I have a 2007 camry hybrid

    I have a 2007 camry hybrid and brought it when it first got released, and I am loving it since them. I almost got 100k on my car now.
    I get around 36 mpg in summer and 38-40 mpg in winter. I see quite a few complaints about people not getting high mpg. I think it has to do a great deal with driving habits. You actually learn to drive a hybrid (the feed back of mpg) is very helpful and this driving is helpful when you drive other vehicles too. It does not mean driving slowly. You anticipate the signals, and you avoid unnecessary braking.
    Also you need to know what they mean by city driving. You get best mileage, when there are long streaches of roads that you can travel bettween 40 and 50 mph without signals. Constant stop and go will not give you the best mpg. It may be better than a non-hybrid car for sure, but not a high mpg
    It also takes a bit to warm up before you get better mpg during a trip. I see better mpg, for trips greater than 30 or 40 miles.

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    Excited to get a 2007 Camry

    Excited to get a 2007 Camry Hybrid with only 27K in great shape. Have been extremely disappointed getting just less than 30 mpg in three fill ups. Trunk space sucks, and navigation system as well. My 2004 Camry LE did as well if not better.

    Any suggestions to increase mpg? Can it be a system thing?

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    i just got a 2009 camry

    i just got a 2009 camry hybrid about two months ago, im doing about 38mpg and 39.9 being my best but i don't drive it much i think i'm still working on my third tank. but its also been very cold. have you ever had a hybrid before? i drive a honda civic hybrid as my commuter, and we just got rid of our other commuter a prius. toyota hybrids arent that great on the highway you have to work the gas alot to get you mpg's up. but if you do a lot of in town they are great. best tip i can give you is when a light turns green punch it, get up to the speed limit, then take your foot off the gas and it will drop to e mode and then feather the gas to maintain speed.plus when your driving on flat land take your foot off the gas and re apply even if your doing 80 on the highway it lets the cvt stretch out. you will notices it will go from a steady 40 mpg to 60 then come down alittle to 50ish and hold there. also let the car warm up before you turn on the heat i drive mine for about ten mins before i put the heat on low, then once i'm warm i turn it off. i noticed the engine turns off alot more when you have the heat off. i have a feeling when spring comes i'm gonna get mid 40's in the car.

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    I have an 09 camry hybrid,

    I have an 09 camry hybrid, live in w. pa, and was getting 35-37 consistently in town driving, but in the last few months, it dropped to about 30 and struggles to get to 31 even though I do a lot of coasting. I have tried going to premium gas with no difference in the mileage. I can't even blame it on the winter, because last winter the mileage was high...even getting in the low 40s at times. I wish someone could tell me what happened and what to do to fix it.

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    Bought a 2010, getting 34.7

    Bought a 2010, getting 34.7 at the moment and was averaging 35.6 maybe a month ago, questioning the cause of the drop, thinking it might be the quality of fuel right now, no matter where I buy it and I am cautious about where!!! and whom I buy from because it is not all the same! But wondering too if I went ahead and changed the air filter or went w/a K and N Air filter if that wouldn't pull the mileage back up some?

    But, so far really, really do like this car, had looked at Prius, but Prius didn't have much for features and the prices for being a hybrid were much higher it seemed.

    In past couple of years I had a 6 cyl 2008 Toyota Avalon and averaged mpg at 19 and w/out AC around 22 mpg. I could really see the differences in what I got by where I bought gas.

    Then I bought a Mini Cooper b/c of high mpg ratings and I only got around average 24 which didn't seem much better than the Avalon.

    Then bought a 2011 Kia Forte w/a 2.0 engine, so not the smallest thing kia had, but close to it and again got around average of 24 and in straight city driving could get even worse.

    So w/all the features, upgrades, etc. w/this Camry and being a mid-size car etc. I don't know of any other vehicle that really compares or could beat it for the over all package. I think it depends too on what your prior experiences are and your perspective.

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    Good to hear people are

    Good to hear people are buying the pre-owned Camry hybrids. I acquired mine just a short week or so ago (2007, with 32k miles) from a rural Florida Ford dealer that took it in on trade. Apparently, they don't have much calls for hybrids, so they priced it very attractively ($3k or so under KBB).

    Like many, I wasn't keen on the Prius (still think it looks like a clown car), and really like the roominess the Camry offered. All except the trunk, of course, which is a far cry from the 2007 Altima I traded in. However, whatever trunk space the car lacks, is more then made up for in the fuel saved.

    After a week of learning how to get the best mileage out of the car, and inflating the tires to their max recommended PSI, I'm now seeing mileage in the 40s. The onboard gauge is about 3-4 mpg too optimistic in its consumption calculations, so I expect real world MPG in the 35 range when I do my next gas check. Its still a 50% improvement over my last car, and I figure the $3,300 cash I gave up above and beyond my trade will be paid back in about three years of steady driving.

    Have to agree with the previous poster on the "value proposition" a nice 3-5 year old Camry Hybrid offers, especially with the extra amenities like leather, the JBL sound system, the Bluetooth, etc. Sure, its not a "wow" car, but when gas hits $4.50+ this summer, I'll happily drive my hum drum little Camry right on by the corner gas station and wave to those fine folks in their splashier rides.

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    I'm getting 24.4 avg. in my

    I'm getting 24.4 avg. in my 2011 Camry Hybrid, and only 16.9 in my 2010 Camry SE v6. Lol

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    Just completed a vacation

    Just completed a vacation trip from Toronto to Florida and back in my 2010 TCH. Average mileage overall was 41.2 mpg. Mostly on cruise at 65 - 75 mph down I79 - I77 - I95 through the hills of the Virginias and Carolinas. This is from a calculation based on distance and gallons. The onboard gauge registered 36 - 39 mpg for various segments of the trip. Tires were set to 35 lbs. Didn't need a lot of heat or AC.

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    I've had my 2012 Camry HV

    I've had my 2012 Camry HV for 2 weeks and getting a wonderfully satisfying 52mpg average. A couple trips were >60mpg! Toyota has made many positive changes for 2012, ex.: lighter, better gas engine, smoother CVT. This is the first HV I've owned but have always nudged the gas pedal and tried to do the speed limit or less. it really pays off albeit many cars line up behind.
    Looking forward to more great mpg with this beautiful Camry HV.

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