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    Am also disappointed with my

    Am also disappointed with my Camry Hybrid. Have a 2008 and I get only 23 in the city
    and maybe 30-31 on the highway. Have taken it in to the dealership twice and they tell me
    it is a combination of climate and fuel. I live in the Pittsburgh area and Toyota told me the fuel here has anywhere from 10-40% ethanol, which burns faster; thus my reduced mpg. When I first
    got the car, I got around 28 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway.

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    If you are looking for the

    If you are looking for the best fuel economy...get a Prius, if you are looking for a NICE vehicle and fuel economy...get a Camry. I wanted a bigger car with leather and all the amenities but knew I would have to sacrifice a few MPG. I am currently getting 38 mpg per tank and quite often get 45+. When you first get the vehicle you will get 30mpg but once you learn to use the electric to your advantage, it will go up from there. I live in Indiana and have very hilly terrain and live in the country. I have read all of these posts about people so upset with 30-35mpg but the truth of the matter is the Camry weighs a lot more than the Prius. If you wanted to get 40+ MPG, you should have gotten the Prius or researched a little more before buying. Fueleco.gov puts user average for Camry at 33MPG. I couldn't be happier after trading in my 13MPG explorer!

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    The fuel pump is cooled by

    The fuel pump is cooled by sitting in the fuel. If you consistantly run that empty you will burn out the fuel pump. I fill up at a quarter tank.

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    Just wanted to confirm

    Just wanted to confirm Scott's findings. I just bought a 2007 Camry Hybrid in February of 2011. Got a great deal on it. The car is loaded compared to the bare bones vehicles I've owned most of my life. Anyway, what i have found by watching the display mode for battery vs. gas engine is that it is the act of acceleration that engages the gasoline engine. So at first I was getting about 32 mpg locally and an impressive 40mpg on the highway without changing my driving habits. I was curious to see how i might improve my local mpg. What I found was, that by avoiding heavily trafficked roads and keeping to side roads where I can dictate my speed and acceleration without having drivers pushing me to accelerate, if I accelerate lightly then ease off the accelerator when i achieve my desired speed of say 25 mph, the battery is engaged almost exclusively. I realize this is a game and I can't do this all the time but I have been able to achieve 45mpg on local roads according to the Camry's display.


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    just traded my 06 Impala 3.9

    just traded my 06 Impala 3.9 with 77k miles for an 07 TCH with 61k; drove it home from Vegas to Phx and got 33.5mpg with a/c on and ave about 80mph. very happy with it so far. posts out there indicate more +'s than minuses; wife loves it - got it for her 50th b-day; gearhead at heart and thinking about putting in a k/n air intake. I saw one post indication using premium gas - what are you using? I figured reg unleaded is fine.

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    I just changed the tires on

    I just changed the tires on my 2008 TCH. I replaced them with the same Michelin tires that came on the car. I always averaged 34-45 mpg and now only 33. The significant difference is city driving. But my habits have not changed - I ususally have freeway and city on each tank of gas. Any ideas?

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    I have had my Camry Hybrid

    I have had my Camry Hybrid since November of 07...Love it. On average I get 38-40 mpg highway. Of course sitting in traffic its better, heavy Seattle traffic it was close to 50 because it was in electric mode...Awesome car..Not disappointed at all. Always want more mpg but am very happy.

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    You should use the gas that

    You should use the gas that is required by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you're wasting money and also putting fuel into the engine that is not supposed to go into the engine. Although it may not be a huge deal, in the end, the manufacturer makes the engine and requires you to use a certain fuel for a reason. The Toyota Camry Hyrbrid requires 87. That's what you should be putting in your car. The mentality that you putting in higher octane of fuel is somehow treating the engine better if a car requires a lower octane of fuel, is very incorrect. It is the same as putting in lower octane fuel in an engine that require higher octane fuel. Do as the manufacturer suggests and requires.

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