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    I've had my 2009 Camry

    I've had my 2009 Camry hybrid for almost 3 months, and I've got 5500 miles on it. I consider the mpg that I am getting to be excellent. I haven't had a tank under 38 mpg yet. And I don't go out of my way to get higher numbers, other than avoiding the jack rabbit starts. The mileage is the best thing about the car. Second best is the quiet of the cabin when moving. And third is the excellent sound of the upgraded stereo. Overall comfort is very good too. (I'm a big guy.) On the negative side, the cabin is so quiet that I hear all the rattles, from the empty passenger seat or an annoying noise from the center post by my left ear. The stereo controls and display (non-nav system) are terrible. And I hate Toyota's dedicated cruise-control stalk. (Why not put those on the steering wheel instead of AC controls? How much do you need to play with those?) I had the car in the shop twice in the first two weeks with the check engine light on, but I've learned to turn the gas tank lid until it clicks, then push on it and turn some more, and then push and turn some more.

    I sort of regretted not waiting to try the Lexus hs250h, but reviews I've read indicate mileage is not anywhere near what I'm getting. The Camry is 10mpg behind my wife's Civic Hybrid, but this car is much more comfortable for my 60+ miles per day. Overall, I'm 85% pleased.

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    Based on Toyota's own

    Based on Toyota's own numbers, comparing the standard 4-cyl Camry and the Camry Hybrid, driving an average of 15,000 per year, based on $2.60 per gallon, equals a gas savings of $355.00 per year.

    You would have to drive the Hybrid for 17 years before you broke even.

    This is based on a cash purchase and dosn't take into account any financing or a leasing options. Of course if you pay more for gas or put more miles on your car it would bring the break even point down but even if you doubled the numbers your still looking at 8.5 years.

    I've had alot of cars in my time and usualy keep them unitl they are on their "death bed" and have never kept a car for 17 years.

    Resale values of the the 2010 Camry's and how long you keep your Camry, would also effect the overall value, but at this point the numbers don't add up.

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    We had a 2007 Camry for 3

    We had a 2007 Camry for 3 years, or about 80,000 miles. In the first couple of years I had no trouble getting 40 mpg on the long haul and about 35 mpg in mixed driving. But in the 3rd year, the mileage dropped a significant amount so that in winter a number below 30 mpg was not uncommon.
    Now we have stepped up to a 2009 Camry but are very disappointed. It's difficult to get 38 or 39 mpg on the long haul and in mixed driving 32-33 is the norm while under 30 mpg is not unusual. Tire pressures are set to specification.
    One difference I noted is the place of manufacture. The 2007 was Japan-made and the 2009 is Kentucky-made.
    The Hyundai Sonata hybrid will be out in September.....

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    We have now had our 2009

    We have now had our 2009 Camry Hybrid for 2 full years and have about 28,500 miles on it. We live in NC and typically drive in a hilly area a minimum of 10 miles per trip which almost always includes about half "in-town" driving. Our gas mileage over this time has typically been 34 - 35 mpg (we have never seen less than 32 mpg when my wife was using the car for stop-and-go canvassing). On road trips of 300 miles or more which we do several times a year, we get more than 42 mpg. (One trip from central NC to Wash. DC area, we filled up close to home, drove to Dulles airport area, then around the Manassas city area for 1/2 day since we used to live there, and finally drove home to fill up for the only time since leaving -- at the same station. Total mpg was 42.5.) The mpg I manuall calculate has always been about the same as shown on the gauges.

    That only tells part of the story. Our previous two cars were a Lexus RX300 and a Toyota Avalon. Both were fine cars, but this Camry Hybrid out does both in performance, quiet and comfort (though it has a couple less "gadgets"). We are about to take a 12,000+ mile trip around the US and I'm very much looking forward to a wonderful driving experience.

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    lowest tank av 32.5 mpg

    lowest tank av 32.5 mpg winter, HIGHEST 53.4 mpg summer. (2009 camry hybrid) Use premium gas with no alcohol , follow the oil viscosity recommendations in the owners manual, run up to 40 psi in tires. 35-40 mph yields the highest possible mpg for me( 50 mpg+ ), 55-62 mph yields 42-46 mpg summer, trailing heavy traffic on a 6-lane highway yields > 46 mpg summer @ 55-65 mph . Do everything you can to keep the battery used up at all times and it can get the highest benefit from regen coasting and breaking and wasted engine energy. Try to use only the 1st stage of braking which is regen IE get off the gas pedal early when stopping is immenent . Tap the cruise control coast button to shed 3-6 mph when climbing small hills,tap the cruise control accelerate button after cresting the hill to slowly regain your original speed try to keep the realtime mpg gauge at a higher number than the current tank average. Try to run erands without letting the engine cool down this is how i got 50+ av on a few occasions.My car has 50,000+ miles and has been used for just over 2 yrs with no sign of degrading mpg the averages are still increasing some of this is driving habit some is car breakin. Bad gas will ruin my milage this I've seen twice. Last but not least don't expect to get the highest mpg when your spouse is in the passenger seat as this will cause them to lean forward in hopes of more speed causing them back pain and you will suffer verbal abuse from all occupants of the vehicle breaking your concentration . Those of you that expect more mpg than what I've listed are going to have to have the optional oars ,sail, and solar panels installed.

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    LOL the Color of the oil

    LOL the Color of the oil does not mean anything. I'm not sure where you would even get the idea that it's "Hard on Oils".

    Oil turns black because it picks up impurities too small to be filtered out.

    The Color has nothing to do with the protection you are getting from it......

    You should really learn a little bit about cars if you are going to rant about them.

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    I just purchased a 2011

    I just purchased a 2011 Camry Hybrid (SE Texas area), and I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with the car. Initially, I had some concerns about the modest EPA ratings of 33/35 MPG. But I've only had the car for about 500 miles, and I'm consistently getting closer to 40 MPG in mixed driving. I actually think the EPA rating is 'OFF', since my previous experience with gas-version Toyotas has been much closer to the EPA ratings. Anyone interested in a Camry Hybrid should know that they can probably achieve much better than EPA mileage figures. I expect an improvement in MPG as the car gets more miles. Camry Hybrid is quiet and comfortable, and very refined.

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    I have had my 2007 Toyota

    I have had my 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid since July 2007 and have over 75,000 miles on it and have never reset the overall mileage on the info screen - to date it has averaged 39.1 mpg since it was built. A year and a half ago it was as high as 39.5 overall but a very hot Atlanta summer and a lot of clients will bring that down to 39.0 earlier this summer. Still averaging around 39 to 41 miles per gallon this fall It has been a very good car and only one minor warranty issue for a loose window motor inside the door during the 1st year.

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    '07 Camry Hybrid with 50,000

    '07 Camry Hybrid with 50,000 miles. NO COMPLAINTS! Averaging 35-42 mpg, more on freeway in the summer. Thought about the Prius before buying the Camry, but hate the center dash with Nintendo-like displays. And it was tighter on comfort. The Camry has comfort, style, economy, reliability all in one. About the worst thing about it is the Nav system operability. (Not very intuitive.)
    I am considering buying a second one!

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    i have a toyota camry hybrid

    i have a toyota camry hybrid 2007 my car says 17.5 mpg on the moniotor and i dont get this at all , everyone is talking about 30 - 40 mpg and mines is less than 20, can someone help me out???? i have 44000 miles on my car .

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