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    I recently bought a 2008

    I recently bought a 2008 Camry Hybrid and so far I am averaging 36 MPG doing the same mix of city/hwy driving that yeilded 14.3 MPG in the 2007 Ford King Ranch F-150 that I traded in for the Camry. I am not here to bash American made cars as I loved my King Ranch as well my Z28 and my Tbird etc. that I owned previously, but the 14 MPG was getting hard to swallow as gas got well north of $3/gal. I must however agree with samfatboy in that this is the fifth Toyota I have owned (also owned a Celica, Landcruiser, Tundra, and 4Runner) and I too have found all of my Toyotas to be of the highest quality.

    I got the top of the line Camry Hybrid with navigation, bluetooth and leather and and I like the fact that I did not have to sacrifice the level of luxury I wanted in order to improve my gas mileage so drastically. I test drove several cars prior to buying the Camry, (the new Mercedes C-300, Lincoln MKZ, Nissan Altima to name a few) and I was just as impressed by the ride and finish of the Camry as I was any of the others. In the end the Camry Hybrid gets far better gas mileage at a cost of several thousand dollars less for something comparably equipped.

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    After one year of ownership

    After one year of ownership of the TCH, I have driven 40,000 miles with the avg mpg figured by the car at 39.4 mpg and 38.4 mpg figured by me (miles/gallons).

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    I bought my 2008 Camry a

    I bought my 2008 Camry a little over a month ago. I have been VERY pleased with everything. I traded in a Tahoe (17 mpg) for the Camry and am really enjoying not visiting the gas station constantly. I had looked at the Prius, the Civic Hybrid and the Camry. The luxury in the Camry is exquisite. I did not want a little "high-schooler" car like the Prius for my family vehicle. I'm a grown-up and I wanted my grown-up car.

    I average about 34-39 mpg. The only thing that drives me crazy is trying to beat the mpg consumption screen, as if it is an X-box game. I'm addicted to watching my mileage now minute by minute, which I had never done in the past.

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    Hybrid cars have to warm up

    Hybrid cars have to warm up for the first couple of min after you start them - usually 4 to five min with a rich mixture - in order to warm up certain components (catalyic converter, etc...). A "rich" fuel mixture is used during this warm up.

    the reason that Bikerider was not getting great mileage is that most of his driving was being done with the gas engine running in this warm-up mode - he was only driving 1-3 miles, and no more than 5 miles per trip.

    You have to know how a Hybrid works to take advantage of the technology.

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    I have a 2008 TCH and love

    I have a 2008 TCH and love everything about the vehicle. It is loaded with luxury options (I got all of them), technology and great gas mileage.
    I have over 10,000 miles on the vehicle and do a daily commute of 65 miles in NW Indiana (Lake and Porter Counties). The commute is a combination rural and suburban. My last seven tanks of gas (according to the vehicle info system) have averaged 42 mpg but the last two I have gotten 44 mpg and 43.7 mpg.
    I could not be happier with my decision. Buy one you will not be disappointed!

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    Like others have said, the

    Like others have said, the mpg on my 2009 TCH has been very good right out of the box. I am averaging 38mpg....w/o changing my driving habits (fast acceleration, regular braking, etc, etc, etc...) the only time I get poor mileage is on short trips of less than 3 miles....and even then I'm in the lower 30's usually for MPG. Trips in town over 5 miles tend to be closer to that 40-45 mpg. Highway mileage is ~33-35mpg depending on wind/temp/speed.

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    would be nice if he could

    would be nice if he could spell

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    I live in the midwest where

    I live in the midwest where the temps can vary significantly. I've noticed that with the same driving habits, the fuel consumed when temperatures are below 40 deg F is greater than when the temps climb above 40. My mpg during warmer weather is 42 going to work(slight down hill) and 40mpg returning (slight uphill) and coupled with city driving averages the tank at 39.5mpg. During colder weather operations (less than 40 degrees) even with the heater turned off at lights to turn off the gas engine, the mpg decreased for the same trip to 37mpg going, and 35mpg returning, and had a tank average of 34mpg. I equate this decrease in efficiency to the more dense colder air (more molecules = more fuel required) My best tank was 46 mpg in 60 degree weather, mostly highway driving.

    my camry is a 2007 (july) with 8500 miles.

    *Note* to those that don't know, the A/C is electric and therefore has no impact of performance, the heater however demands that the engine be warm, thus as the engine cools off it will start back up to warm itself to provide the warm air to the interior.

    I've been experimenting with driving styles to see what works best to provide best results; 1. at or below 40 mph keep it in electric only but that depleats the battery for the next drive, or 2. keep the speed just above 40 mph and try to keep the gas engine running running in concert with the electric to target 50-60mpg on the gauge and keeping the battery charged for future trips. Thus far, #2 appears to be providing the best results but no official test has been conducted.

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    Are you driving a prius or a

    Are you driving a prius or a camry?

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    I have a 2009 TCH here in

    I have a 2009 TCH here in the Houston area. I am like several of you and have become one of the gauge watchers - it is a challenge (and actually fun) for me to try and fill the Eco Drive bars and beat the window sticker estimate. I have taken the car on 2 road trips and have 35.2 and 36.6 averages on highway (about 70-75 mph). I was hoping for higher, but at least have exceeded the window sticker. Trip took longer, however, because I have historically driven around 80 mph. It is also very difficult just trying to maintain speed along with maximizing the mileage. No step for a stepper though, I guess.

    In town I have been disappointed with about 29 mph. Sounds like my mileage is poor compared to some of you - and I HAVE NOT been hot rodding like I have all my life !!! I have really, really tried to get maximum mieage, but have yet to achieve the city estimate shown on the sticker of 33 mpg. We live in an area with a lot of stop signs and it really sucks having to stop and start.... Makes you realize just how hard it is to get good gas mileage - it takes work. I am really curious to know if anyone has found a website or discussion forum other than this one where some of the "experts" discuss their success with getting upwards (and over) 40 mpg out of a TCH - and I'm talking about the kind of driving I do (stop and go with a lot of stop signs). Any help, suggestions or comments appreciated. I love the car and want it to work to the maximum potential. Thanks.

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