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    I am trying to decide

    I am trying to decide between 3 used auto's, 1. 09 TCH 2. 08 Prius 3. 08 Corolla LE. The TCH and Prius are the same price and the Corolla is $15500. I drive 250 - 300 miles a day, 5 days a week, mostly highway. I am trying to be practical and not just buy the nicest car. What do you guys think?

    I am looking at a 2009 TCH with 12,000 miles for $23500 with bluetooth & alloy wheels, is this a good deal?

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    BDH, you should buy that car

    BDH, you should buy that car instantly. I get 39-40 on highway at 70-80mph. Overall I always got 37mpg in city and highway driving mixed on regular gasoline. I get 39-40 if I were to fill up with Plus brand of gas.

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    I recently purchased a Camry

    I recently purchased a Camry Hybrid, I am very excited in anticipation of its arrival. I had a couple of questions.

    Is there anything I can do to make the car get even better MPGs? Are the tires on the car the best or close to the best in terms of Roll Resistance?

    Also when the EPA tests the car do they use the Eco drive heat/cool function on the car? Thank you in advance for your responses. Any other tips would be great!

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    I just bought a 2009 Carmy

    I just bought a 2009 Carmy Hybrd. I have owned a 2004 Prius and a 2008 Highlander Hybrid. I find the Camry to be a great compromise between the Prius and the HiHY. On my third tank of gas with this Camry, I am still getting over 38mpg here is the Wash DC area. I don't do anything special, but I am experienced now after 5 yrs of driving Hybrids, on letting off the gas well in advance of stopping and not clamping on the brakes hard. Other then that I commute to work each day (mostly highway miles on these tanks). 35 miles one way at speeds in excess of 70mph. Toyota got the 09 Camry right. Only thing I would like added to it is an auto up feature on the driver's window (it is already auto down - seems dumb not to include what is already on the Prius and Highalnder). Anyway - 38+mpg is great for me.

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    The tires in the Camry 09

    The tires in the Camry 09 are fine - don't change them or the rims. They are low rolling resistance tires, and lightweight alloy rims, reducing the rolling weight. I put my tires at 42psi in the front, and 40ps in the rear as I did with my Prius, with no noticeable difference in ride, but an added 2mpg. The other thing you can do if you are in a temperate climate like I am (Wash DC), you will find an engine block heater is a great improvement for winter gas mileage improvement as the ICE will take up a lot of run time just to heat up. The EPA does NOT use any of the eco features when running the hybrids. My experience so far is that is delays the turn on of either the heat or A/C some - letting the temp vary a bit more. Not entirely useful or noticeable gas savings.

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    Boy, am I disappointed.

    Boy, am I disappointed. Bought a 2007 TCH and am getting only 33.5 MPG, with being VERY cautious about driving correctly. Had the car reviewed @ dealership & all checks out. Called Toyota & basically was given the pat answer.

    Are there any options for me?

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    Let's do some math. Camry

    Let's do some math.

    Camry Hybrid MSRP minus base Camry MSRP equals $7,005.

    $7,005 divided by today's average gas price of $1.59 equals 4,405 gallons of gas.

    4,405 gallons times 23 mpg equals 101,315 miles.

    Conclusion. 101,315 miles worth of "free" travel in a base Camry VS. Hybrid.

    This does not include the cost of the very expensive replacement of the batteries at 80 to 100 thousand miles in the Hybrid.

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    I am reading through your

    I am reading through your comments. I also have a Toyota Camry Hybrid. 2 things to watch out for.

    1. The mileage gauge in the instrument panel is NOT an accurate measure of mileage. You can easily trick it into telling you that you aare getting great mileage by topping off the tank. The gas gauge can't see the gas in the filler tube so it thinks you are getting great gas mileage when you really aren't. Try keeping track of your mileage manually and you will get a much more accurate idea of what the mileage is.

    2. Manual says car is supposed to get 0W-20 Oil for oil changes for best mileage and cold starting. When I went for service my dealer told me that he put 0W-20 in. I noticed a drop in fuel efficientcy and looked into it. When I asked about it during my next service appointment the technician tells me that they don't even stock 0W-20 oil (too expensive) and that they always use 5W-20. I personally think lots of folks are getting the wrong oil from the dealer and as a result are getting poor mileage.

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    I've have an 07 Camry

    I've have an 07 Camry Hybrid. Live in the mid-west. The ECO setting on the heater makes a difference. But the real beauty of the car is the smoothness and low noise of the powertrain. I've had a Lexus LS400 and RX300 and the CH is almost a quiet as the LS400 and better than the RX in every way (except ground clearance). The CH power train is silky smooth, unlike the Lexus RX drive train. Of course, anybody know that the Lexus ES and RX line are just Camry models with high trim levels. I am literally getting twice the fuel economy in a car that is more comfortable than a Lexus RX. The only thing I really remember about Lexus is nice wood and higher grade leather (oh and higher depreciation, higher taxes, snobby service, expensive repairs, and lots of highway noise in the RX). I have a couple friends with Camry XLE four-cylinders -- they are getting 22 mpg average when the temperature is consistently below freezing, while I am getting a calculated 35 to 37 mpg in the same condition -- I think that is great. I notice I get 10 to 15% better mileage with premium fuel that does not contain any ethanol. I would recommend anybody using a car like this should stick to top tier fuels and experiment with using premium fuel.

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    My 07 Camry Hybrid gets

    My 07 Camry Hybrid gets between 39 and 42 mpg week in and week out. I live in Florida and drive 35-50 mph with lights every mile or so on most trips. I have never gotten below 37, no matter how I drive. So far, it has been a wonderful car. In 26k miles, not a single problem. I love the quiet, smooth ride, the quality materials, the wonderful stereo, all the amenities, and of course, the gas mileage. Toyota has really hit a homerun with this thing. I only wish they'd made the bumpers out of color coded plastic. Every chip and scratch comes up black... on my white car. By the way, when it's time to change the air filter do a google search for instructions... you'll be glad you did. I have noticed that the oil gets black rather quickly, however.

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