I am in sales and travel all over Northern California from Bay area commuting (the worst) to Central Valley I-5 cruising and routinely get a tank average of 38.6-40.4 MPG which is right on the money as far as the figures that Toyota and the EPA report for this model. The car is new with 6,500 miles on it as of today and I have noticed that the MPG has gradually gotten better after the first 2000+ miles.

Recently, I averaged 46.4 miles per gallon in my 2007 Camry on a return trip from Reno, Nevada to the bay area in California. Granted I was well above sea level in Reno but I still had to travel over the Sierra Nevada mountains on I-80. I used premium gas, had my Pirelli tires at 40 PSI and used the cruise control as much as possible. The outside temperature was anywhere from 30 degrees in Reno to 26 through Donner Pass and warmed up to the mid forties entering the Bay area.