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    If you think about it,

    If you think about it, shutting the car when the smart key is not present is not a good idea.
    I have had my Camry hybrid for nearly 2 years now and have had to replace the battery once in the remote.
    Imagine, if you were driving along and the battery in the smart key key dies (it's always transmitting and using power).
    Going on the highway and car engine dies............lots of problems there. So, you can keep on driving, and the car will tell you that it does not detect the key (battery may be finished).....so just drive to the nearest place where you can buy the battery......which is very standard (any walmart would hv it) and you are done.

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    I'm still looking for the

    I'm still looking for the answer to the "where is the best...i mean cheapest place to by a Smartkey. I'm so exhausted looking for it in the house and looking online for one that will actually be programable. The dealer makes it sound like they will make it impossible to program anything but the one they want $300. for.

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    I have misplaced my smart

    I have misplaced my smart key. Is there anyway of syncing a call from a phone to locate it? Pricy item if I can't.

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    The odds of the battery

    The odds of the battery dying in the fob and INSTANTLY stalling the engine are slim since you would notice "reduced performance" from it. Besides, the dash would most likely inform you of this first. Should you have an issue with the the fob, simply plug it into the dash.

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    Yes, this is true. I have

    Yes, this is true. I have used the smartkey for four years and when I approach the driver's side it only unlocks my door. If I have the key in my pocket and approach the passenger side, all doors unlock.

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    ************************************************** **
    My wife & I just purchased an '06 Prius with Smart Key and very soon afterward, she asked me to disable it. Her main concern was the possibility that she might find herself in a situation where she was alone and returning to the car and find people nearby who made her uncomfortable. Since Smart Key opens all the car doors and enables the ignition simultaneously,:
    1) people other than the driver have immediate access to the car
    2) A quick-thinking car thief could easily jump in ahead of the driver, push the start button and steal the car.

    Since there are no customizing options for Smart Key besides "On" or "Off," I thought my wife had a valid point.
    ************************************************** **

    Both of these issues are none issues.
    The fob only opens the door when you touch the handle (unless you actually pull it out and double click the open button). If you are on the drivers side, and someone touches the door on the passenger side, the passenger side door will not open. Because of this same location awareness, if you are standing outside the car, even right next to the door, and someone else gets in the car and presses the start button, the car will not start while the smart key is not in the car.

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    I am trying to get another

    I am trying to get another smart key programmed to my 2006 Prius (to replace one that was lost). The one we have works perfectly. I purchased a used remote on e-bay from a reputable seller, however neither myself or a Toyota dealer could program it. I returned the remote and got another one. The same problem occurred at a different dealer. That one told me that the only way I could get any smart key programmed was if it had NEVER been programmed before. Does anyone know if this is true. It doesn't seem right since all of these sellers on e-bay have hundreds and hundreds of positive feedbacks from people who have purchased used Prius smart keys. Thanks.

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    We have a 2006 Prius with

    We have a 2006 Prius with the Smart Key. My wife will often find that the door will not unlock with the smart key in her pocket or in her purse. When I take the same key, put it in my pocket and approach the car, it unlocks every time--even from a few feet away.
    Once in the car, my wife will sometimes be unable to start the car without inserting the smart key into the dash. With the same key, I never have a problem starting the same car.
    Can anyone explain this? Thanks, MATT

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    What do you do with the

    What do you do with the Smart Key at the Car Wash or with Valet parking? Do you give the fob to the attendent, leave it in the car?


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    Had the same experience

    Had the same experience today Scott. Bought a used smart key for a 2007 Camry on ebay; dealership said they couldn't program it (charged $25 to try). The FCC code is the same as my other smart key. I'm not sure where else to try. Any suggestions?

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