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    no wonder a smart key was

    no wonder a smart key was developed.. there are an awful lot of dummies out there.

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    Memo to Patricia: Don't

    Memo to Patricia:

    Don't forget to turn off your car. I'm amazed that someone would even need to tell you this. Have you ever forgotten to get dressed before leaving your house?

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    I am looking at buying a

    I am looking at buying a camry hybrid, and was wondering what the black button is on the 2 front door handles. I assume it is a part of the smartkey.

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    With the Smart key system,

    With the Smart key system, you can keep the key fob in your pocket the whole time. The black button is what you hit to lock the car when you get out so you don't have to dig the fob out of your pocket.

    Note that the car usually senses if the key fob is inside or out, although it's not always perfect. So if you leave the keys in the car, shut the door and hit the black button, it should sense that you left the keys inside and NOT lock the doors. Instead, it beeps loudly at you as a warning.

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    The digital key fobs are

    The digital key fobs are cool however their are those few issues, yes expensive around 460 dollars to replace the whole unit. beware of online retailers that sell these identical keys for a slightly lesser fee however a trip to the dealer with your wallet will still be required as the keys do not come programed and also the inner valet key is around $120 (included in the $460) and has to be ordered from the manufacturer so ordering before you need it is a good idea. You dont need to worry about the seven feet thing, that car will not recieve the signal unless fob is located within two feet of door handle on either side which is about seven feet from the transmiter located in a black box in a unknown location in the motor compartment. I think you might be a bit silly in the fact the size of the fob is no larger than the remotes for any of my vehicles and eliminates the keys, considering my home happens to be automated this completley eliminates keys fo me! I f you want a standard key, well then it kinda sucks that you paid the extra costs associated with the smartkey! As far as electronics I only try to keep the key fob away from hard drives and unprotected credit cards but not for batterie reasons but simply possible magnetic issues> I hope this might help. I have a 09 tch with 20" wheels, hid headlight kit, underbody leds, dynomat dampening kit throughout, custom smoke burl wood water transfering on select interior parts, interior lights converted to leds, sound system and tint on 8/8 windows

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    I have never used the valet

    I have never used the valet option on the smart key and want to take the car to be detailed for my husband. How does it work??? I have the 2006 Prius. Do I take the smaller "key" out of the fob, put it in the ignition and then take the fob with me? Does this allow the attendants to drive the car?

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    Hi, I have a 06 Prius with

    Hi, I have a 06 Prius with the smart key system. Actually, there are settings - you can set it to only open the drivers door when that door handle is touched. The others stay locked. IF you touch the front passenger door handle, they all unlock. I feel that this is actually safer than a key lock - if you are nervous about someone around you, this setting allows you to quickly get in the drivers door WITHOUT having to nervously fumble with a key, and the others remain locked. Yes, there is a setting where they all unlock, and yes, that doesn't seem safe. Just check the manual and put it on the safer setting.

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    I just purchased a 2010

    I just purchased a 2010 Honda Insight. Can the Smart Key System be added to the car. If so, by who?

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    Programming my 2010 camry

    Programming my 2010 camry doors not to all unlock on park

    How can I program my 2010 camry doors so the will not all unlock when I put my gear in park? I've tried reading the manul but can't understand stand it. Could someone explain this to me ?

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    I assume that after two

    I assume that after two months, you've solved this problem but if not: you must take your Toyota to an official Toyota dealer who will have their service department program it with a special machine. Your manual tells you what you can and cannot program.

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