My husband and I just purchased our new Camry Hybrid and are both excited about it. However, we are a bit confused about the Smart Key/keyless remote that is included. Any assistance would be most appreciated (I saw the post about how to disable the smart key system):

1. I know the smart key is cool and all, but is it possible to entirely disable the system and replace it with a traditional entry/ignition key? We both think the key fob/remote is very bulky. My cell phone is not much bigger!

2. How much of a concern is leaving the key fob within 7 feet of the car? (the manual mentions this). Our driveway is immediately next to our front door. We usually leave our keys near the front door as a matter of habit, but if this is going to unlock the car obviously we don't want to do that.

3. Have you found that keeping your smart key/wireless remote fob with your cell phone or near other devices (like TV or PC) lessens the battery life of the fob? The manual says not to keep those devices together, but I gotta say that is completely ridiculous -- I carry my keys and my cell phone in my purse, and my husband often carries both in his pockets. Is this a real concern, or just CYA in the manual?

4. How difficult is it to get a replacement smart key? I saw some info on line about jacked up prices and inconvenience in doing so. I was thinking of going ahead and buying one before we need it, along with replacement batteries.