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    I think i have this brake

    I think i have this brake pedal problem, i tried to explain this switch in the brake pedal to my husband, which is what i suspected was malfunctioning and he said i was crazy and it was just for breaking. Of course the crooks at the Toyota dealer said it was fine, I have an extended 100,000 warranty but i still have a start issue which begins when u push on the break pedal. So can you please tell me more about it. Lgreen

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    I have a 2004 Prius and the

    I have a 2004 Prius and the same start problem. Curiously, it happens every time after taking a nap during lunch time. I turn the car off. I open and close the door to make sure lights are all off. Then I take a nap. The car would not start. I recently realized that if I have the AAA truck give me a jump start the car works just fine after that, as if nothing had occurred (unfortunately, the prior week I had to tow it away and it cost me $100.00 -- then I realized I didn't need to have it towed). The battery seems to be working just fine. I had the car checked at the dealership twice now, and they find no problem with it. I am very frustrated!

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    I have a 2001 Toyota

    I have a 2001 Toyota Prius.
    It turns on, the engine runs for about 5 seconds, then the engine shakes and dies, and the brake warning light comes on.

    It runs fine and suddenly dies, so I am quite certain that it is an electrical problem. I plan on checking the fuses this afternoon after I eat.

    I have had numerous problems with my car, including the legendary 12V battery dilemma, which I remedied with a quick battery release to easily remove the battery if I know that I won't be using the car.

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    Sport: Sounds like you have

    Sport: Sounds like you have a malfunction there.

    FYI: The Prius computer goes thru a MULTITUDE of function tests on the car every time you start it.

    Sounds like the computer is shutting down the car due to a critical safety fault.

    Given that you get a "brake" warning light, sounds like you might have a brake problem.

    The car does not want to let you drive down the street with no brakes, so it shuts down.

    You are aware that the Prius does NOT use engine vacuum to power the power brakes? (because the engine is not always running).

    The Pruis uses dual electric hydraulic pumps as power source for the power brakes. Sounds like the computer detected a fault with one or both of the brake hydraulic pumps.

    Have you taken the car to a service shop, and checked the computer warning codes?

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    2004 Prius stalling and not

    2004 Prius stalling and not starting problem and we were told by the Toyota dealer it was our "driving habits" and encouraged to buy a new gas only vehicle (conveniently on sale at the dealers). The service dept had load tested the 12V battery on 3 occasions - claiming"no problem". However, independent checks (3) revealed a dead battery. Replaced the dead 12V with a new Optima and the car not only has no more problems - it is getting better gas mileage..and our "lazY" garage door opener now is quickly on task.

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    1. Toyota dealer DOES know

    1. Toyota dealer DOES know that you have bad battery.

    2. Toyota makes MUCH more $$$ selling you a new car
    than servicing a 5 year old car.

    3. Do the math.

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    In some cases, instead of a

    In some cases, instead of a dead battery it may be that you have accedentally disabled the smart key. Try plugging the key into the slot on the dash. If you get a reassuring beep and the car starts, you will know you have found the problem. Consult your owner's manual to re-enable the Smart Kdy. I hope this helps some of you.

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    I just came back from the

    I just came back from the dealership. This problem has happened twice in the past week.
    Now at least I know I am not crazy, and the dealer does not have a clue. My car is a 2005 as well. The power just locks up and you can not turn it on or off. They told me to get out of the car and star over. I was also asked if I am wearing different shoes, (hah) sure that effects the engine, and do I put my foot on the brake whenI start---, I've only had the car for 33,000 miles 3.5 years -- maybe I don't know how o start it.
    (: Dah

    Oh well
    did anyone come up with a real reason thios has happened. It is a switch issue... something is not connecting?

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    It's not your her fault!

    It's not your her fault!

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    I have a 2007 Prius and and

    I have a 2007 Prius and and just clocked 80000 km and I have not experienced any problems whatsoever. 12 volt batteries usually only last around 4 years.

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