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    Smile Brake Recall - Work Around Solution

    09 to 14 Pruis cars had a recall on the brake peddle. I was one of the users who had mine replaced. The problem caused the car to shut down while driving; however, I started seeing my problem after the change out. Starting the car became a chore. Long story short, here is my \"work-arounds\" for when you go to start it and all lights come on with no juice:

    Hold down the Park button until everything powers down; pull the key and wait 5 seconds; insert the key and press the brake; hit power.

    If that fails a few times, try pressing the power and park button together.

    In my opinion, there is a switch attached to the brake that will starts to go bad after a period of time because my last resort is to jump start the car which always works, instantly. Having the extra juice pump through is really all the car needs to bypass a bad switch.

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