// thinking about a new prius (help)
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    thinking about a new prius (help)

    hi guys,

    iím thinking about getting a new prius and because it is a bit expensive for me so i want to know if it's worth it. i've done some research and i know some of the maintenance for a prius (have to get the battery replace after 100,000 miles, every 5,000 miles oil change). is there any other information that you can give me about buying one? is there other maintenance fees i should be aware of?

    thanks a lot!

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    i am a 3 month owner of a prius and did some looking before i bought. the battery thing(forum please correct me if i am wrong) i read with one guy is the thing that goes wrong are the connectors. dealers aren't sophisticated yet to clean the connector, he said the 13th. He complained to Toyota and they pointed him to a dealer in another state who cleaned the connector for $1000. Dealers want to soak the customer and tell them they need to replace the battery for $5000 plus rather than clean it. Other than that one oil change so far and no other maintenance but i am new so hopefully someone else replies.

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