// Honda Fit Hybrid?
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    Honda Fit Hybrid?

    I'm wondering if Honda is planning a hybrid version for 2008?

    If they added 50cm~ to the length - and gave it 30hp of electric power - this could be a real Prius-killer.

    If they offered that in sports version with paddle changers + hybrid for around $20K I think they'd have people queuing to get them - I'd certainly be one!

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    Honda Fit Hybrid?

    Cool - that article is interesting. The big appeal is the occasional hauling power and flexibility + good looks.

    My Civic hybrid does well - but I'd really like the ability to lob my bike in the back instead of fiddling with the rear bike rack on the trunk...

    For a family the Fit would be a great option - whereas the Insight is really a novelty car in the sports car type market.

    They should have more room in the Fit body format to build in a bigger electric motor and not skimp on the total power available.

    This will also bring in the younger crowd who the Sport Fit is appealing to...

    Look forward to hearing more from Honda!

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    Honda Fit Hybrid?

    Hmm... the Insight's powertrain... does that mean a manual transmission version might be available?? I hope so... and there are several people on these forums that were looking for such a vehicle. They might get their wish. The manual Insight was the mpg king - better than the CVT...

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    Honda Fit Hybrid?

    I knew I had seen this somewhere else...because I started the thread here in February: https://www.hybridcars.com/blogs/hybr...nda-fit-hybrid.

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    Now that it is 11/06 , has anyone heard of any updated information about a possible 2007 or 8 Honda Fit hybrid? I think it would be an immediate practical best seller.

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