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    Hybrid Minivan Petition Now Available

    So, you want a hybrid minivan Stateside?

    Sign this petition!

    I just finished it within the last week, so there are currently few signatures.

    Let's change that!!

    Feel free to forward it on to others you might think are interested.


    Nick Chambers

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    10,000 Names Already on List

    HybridCars.com has been running a survey/waiting list for over a year, and we have over 10,000 names. We have informed Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive Marketing about the cry for a hybrid minivan. They are aware of the pent-up demand, but are not releasing any details yet about their plans.

    We will renew our commitment to spread the word to Toyota and to our readers about the latest developments on the hybrid minivan front. But for now, only a knowing glance from Toyota, and nothing on the horizon from any other carmaker.

    To sign up on the waiting list, go here:


    Thank you.

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    Two are better than one

    Thanks for the response from the forum admin! I appreciate the fact that he/she wishes to note that the hybridcars.com hybrid minivan waiting list already exists. I'd be willing to bet that anybody who has come this far in their research has already joined the hybridcars.com waiting list. In fact, I've already joined it myself. I've also already signed up with Toyota.com to recieve emails when new press releases come out regarding future cars.

    With that said, however, there are several reasons why I think it would be a good idea to sign my petition as well as getting on the hybridcars.com hybrid minivan waiting list:

    1) The hybridcars.com survey is not officially a petition, and therefore may not carry as much weight as a real petition.

    2) The hybridcars.com survey does not give any indication of how huge the response has been. This post by the forum admin was the first time I have seen numbers (10,000+!!).

    3) The hybridcars.com survey does not collect information about the age of participants, how much they'd be willing to pay for a hybrid minivan and what the acceptable mpg would be for such a vehicle.

    4) The hybridcars.com survey is conducted by an organization that may be viewed as having a potential bias. My petition and survey are conducted by me. I'm not beholden to anyone or anything (except for my wife and two kids).

    5) My petition is fresh and new with renewed energy.

    Again, I wish to thank hybridcars.com for their efforts, but I still think it would be worthwhile to sign my petition.

    Yours truly,
    Nick Chambers

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