// the TESLA(name) for hybrid
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    the TESLA(name) for hybrid

    Hybrid vehicle manaufactors take note. How,about naming a Hybrid THE "TESLA"/ After the great energy pioneer NIKOLA TESLA(1856-1943)The year 2006 Jul/10th.marks the 150th.birth anniversary of Nikola Tesla too! See www.PESwiki.com(alternative energy website) Nikola Tesla L.A. COUNTY ADOPTS GLOBAL ENERGY INDEPENDENCE DAY /TESLAS BIRTHDAY REMEBERANCVE. Also, the Tesla Society Web.WWW.teslasociety.com GLOBAL ENERGY INDPENDENCE DAY. THANKS! Dr.Edson Andre' Johnson D.D.Founder GLOBAL ENERGY INDEPENDENCE DAY..Sunland,Ca.91040 USA 818-441-6019.

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    Tesla Roadster

    The folks at http://www.teslamotors.com/ might not want to share their namesake sports car name with other vehicles.

    The Tesla Roadster is an all electric automobile with amazing stats and results that bust a big hole in the Big Three automakers electric vehicle results.

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    Tesla needs one more step

    GM is dusting off their original technology; they basically developed the EV in the 1990's, but scuttled the project under pressure from the oil companies. GM is working on a car, the chevy Volt, that has a full electric drive train with advanced battery technology and a backup electric generator that gives it unlimited range. It will permanently change the landscape of the auto industry. The Tesla is indeed impressive and educates us all on the advantages of electric mortors in delivering better power for acceleration than a piston driven vehicle.

    Jim K

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