// a max-fuel hybrid
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    a max-fuel hybrid

    I'm not just talking about the hybrid drivetrain itself. Rather, I'm talking about all the stuff in them.

    For example, power accessories like power windows eat into the battery life. If everything was manual, manual steering, windows, locks, mirros, etc. and NO AC or radio installed at all, and a manual transmission, then this would be the ultimate hybrid. It would also make the car lighter as well as reduce demand on the batery.

    It would come as a 2- or 4-door hatchback or convertible (with a manual top and glass window, but only because plastic windows get yellow over time). It would come standard with ABS, tachometer, manual steering, gas-mileage indicator, and that's it. Options include side airbags, manual-sliding glass sunroof, air conditioning, a radio, rear defroster, and a rear wiper for the hatchbacks. That's it.

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    a max-fuel hybrid

    I'd hate to say it, but try to tell the manufacturers that.

    They insist that the hybrid models also be the top of the line, thus adding to the cost, which often creates unfair cost comparisons.

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    a max-fuel hybrid


    I tried telling everyone that a manual transmission in a hybrid was a good idea...

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    a max-fuel hybrid

    The manual transmission in this dream car would be six-spped. That will give it additional mileage over the five-speeds used in the "old" Hondas.

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    Convertibles add

    Convertibles add considerable weight. They need extra structural reinforcement. And they also add considerable drag. A convertible simply can not be made to be one of max efficiency.

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