Can a solo driver of a Prius with the HOV sticker use the carpool/bus lane on the far right side of the SF-Oakland Bay bridge like the rest of the carpool vehicles? If so, how does it get charge because I don't see any device installed to scan the transponder.

I commute from the Richmond El Cerrito area to SF using Highway 80 and the carpool lane takes you to the far right hand side of the freeway's carpool/bus lane. When driving through that lane, I didn't notice any display there showing the "Valid ETC." nor did I hear a beep from the transponder? Normal vehicles with the required number of passengers use that lane, but I didn't notice any hybrid vehicles with driver only using that side. Is that particular HOV lane an exception or prohibited for hybrids with the stickers?

Do I have to use the far left carpool lanes only? The carpool lanes with the transponder scanner?