// hybrids and smog check
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    hybrids and smog check

    just curious: how to perform a smog check on a hybrid? what's the "idle"? and what's the requirement for hybrid smog check in CA, i.e. when is the first year a smog check is required?

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    hybrids and smog check

    The '03 Civic hybrid doesn't require a CA smog check since they don't know how to do it. I can't vouch for the other hybrids but I suspect they are similiar.

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    hybrids and smog check

    huh? another money saving for hybrids? over the lifetime of a hybrid, we can save a few hundreds on smog check costs. consumer report should factor this into their calculation.

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    hybrids and smog check

    Yes, if you look at the CA DMV website, it mentions that hybrids are exempt from smog checks.

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