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    "You guys should have bought

    "You guys should have bought an American Car."

    I LOVE America, but when it comes to production it comes to lousy work, over paid laborers, lazy workers, all supported by unions who do nothing but protect jobs by creating more, it sickens me, I will not pay extra for that when I can get a better product at a more reasonable price from people who know how to work, and not rest on the unions' idea's of "work".

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    DITTO! I have a 2006 Prius

    DITTO! I have a 2006 Prius with 47000 miles, left light was replaced at no charge at 34000 miles by a dealer that I did not buy the car at in Pittsburgh, now the right light has been going out for the last 7 months. Of course everytime I take it to the Toyota dealership, it works. This headlamp issue began after owning the "new Prius" for 7 months. Finally today it was not working and i took it to the dealership. They want $492 to replace the bulb. I do have an extended warranty, but it does not cove "wear" items. I do not understand their explanation for the light going out and back on. They claim that the filament can refuse itself?????? I really like the car, but this headlamp issue is making me crazy. I am in Newnan, GA and the dealership is going to contact Toyota Monday morning to see if they will do anything about it. I do not have much confidence is a positive outcome. Add me to the list of unhappy Prius owners because of the headlamps.

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    I took my 2007 Prius (I have

    I took my 2007 Prius (I have an extended 100,000 mile warranty) into the local dealership in Monroe, LA. My passenger side headlamp would go on and off randomely. It seems to be most prevalent after washing (by hand or machine) or during a rain event. The dealer said $375 just for the lamp and plus it is not a warranty item. Plus, they had never heard of thios happening. I'll keep flickingh mine until a recall. I was told I could go to the NTSB with my vin number and register a complaint. If enough register Toyota will have to recall.

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    Go to www.NHTSA.gov and go

    Go to www.NHTSA.gov and go to "File a complaint about your vehicle or Child Seat". You will need your VIN number to file.

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    I have 3- 2006 Priuses and

    I have 3- 2006 Priuses and ALL have the same headlight problem. Toyota refused to fix them. After seeing the overwhelming case histories above it is amazing that Toyota is not fixing the problem on thier nickel, OH! not a nickel- for me it is going to cost $2478.00
    Not so sure the gas mileage is making up that cost.
    Very disappointed!

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    My Passanger side headlight

    My Passanger side headlight went out off and on and would "re-set" when turning the light on and off. Both went off two weeks ago at night and reset with one on off cycle. Lukily I saw that it was out when my wife headed for work one morning so we swapped cars and I took it to tyhe dealership. They replaced the passngaer side and assured me that they would replace the driver side if I observed it going out again. Tonight first the driver side then then both went out as she was driving. The first trip they replaced the right front Headlight ECU 81107-47150 Computer sub assembly. One of the papers from the dealership has $278 handwritten on it. The one I signed and returned said $335.

    I am going back in the morning and let them have another try.

    This has got to be tough because the problem is only apparant when the dealership is closed - so figuring out what is really wrong will be tough.

    I am convinced that Toyota wants this fixed - we just have to make sure we help them figure out what is going on...

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    Same here. The price is

    Same here. The price is going up I was quoted $466 for the bulb alone at the dealership in Tallahassee FL

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    My headlights keep going off

    My headlights keep going off and I keep having to turn my lights off and then back on again to get them to work. I had to do this 7 times this morning on my way to work -- I drive 70 miles to work and the 7 times happened the first 30 miles. Last weekend, I was at the dealership and had asked them to look at this because I thought it was happening. They found nothing.

    Yesterday, I did some internet searching and found out that this is a computer problem and not a headlight problem, but the computer can damage the headlights, causing you to replace them.

    I now have another appointment with the dealership tomorrow to look at this. It will be interesting when I hear what they say the problem is -- if they do indeed determine there is a problem. If it is not resolved, I will be filing a complaint. Eventually, they will get the message after we have spent $$.

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    Yes, we are having the same

    Yes, we are having the same problem. Add our name to the list. Today, after weeks of timing the flickering, buying the wrong bulb, not being able to get to the bulb, thinking it was a wiring problem, etc., we took our 2006 Prius to the dealership. The cost for us here in VA was $352.76 for the driver's side HID headlamp. The dealership suggested that I file a claim with Toyota customer service. I did.

    But now, I'm concerned. Will the other go out? How long will this one last? They say it should last 10 years. But ours lasted 2.5 years and 45K miles.

    From the history here, it is definitely a chronic problem with the model. I think Toyota should find the source of the problem and fix it on all affected models.

    Would we have bought the package knowing this? NO. I let Toyota know that I have bought Toyotas since the early 80s and have always been satisfied until now.

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    My dealership actually told

    My dealership actually told me that I had to replace BOTH lights if one goes out, for $990, as the lights come in pairs. My driver side headlight is out, the car has less than 30k mikes...In reading this blog, it is clear Toyota has an issue...I'll be contacting Toyota USA to file a complaint.

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