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    I changed my right

    I changed my right headlight. Got it at NAPA for $88 and paid a mechanic to put it in taking 3/4 hour. Lots cheaper than Toyota!

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    2006 Prius. Same issue.

    2006 Prius. Same issue. driver's side light works fine for awhile, flickers, then goes out. next morning seems OK.
    I would be for some type of class-action...

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    Please add my name to the

    Please add my name to the list as well.

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    Message to Barbara: Which

    Message to Barbara:

    Which dealership did you go to that replaced your headlight bulb for you minus the $50 deductible? I am in the same position: 2006 prius, HID goes in and out at 46,000 miles. Dealership in San Francisco wants to charge $150 for diagnostic check, $250 for new bulb, and $45 labor. Ouch! I need to go to your dealer.


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    2006 Prius with the HID

    2006 Prius with the HID lights - both sides go out at different times. Both lights have gone out at the same time - this is really scary. I drive early and on a lightly trafficed interstate, i need lights!
    Dealer is aware, and has filed a case with Toyota in my behalf. I am hoping they pay for the headlights. Quoted at $900 to replace both.
    I will keep you all posted.
    Add me to the list for formal comlaint.

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    wait... is this the same

    is this the same bulb, but on the opposite side?
    these mechanics cannot be trusted.

    do you really think toyota would build a car where you have to remove the bumper just to replace a light bulb?

    I highly doubt it

    change your mechanic

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    Exact same issue. We'd turn

    Exact same issue. We'd turn the lights on and randomly would either get 1 light, 2 lights, or no lights. Flicking the switch again would usually give us more (or less). Just took it to the dealership and I just about had a baby (I'm a guy) when they told me it would be $800 to fix it. It's partly because we have the HID lights which are a price of (~$350 a piece). To tell you the truth, I didn't really know what the HID lights were for when we got the car. My wife and I both agree that these lights were actually harder to see the full field of vision with. Man, if I could build a car out of parts from the dealership, it would probably cost at least ($100,000). After I heard the $800 thing, I told them to just leave them in. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. By the way, does anybody think this is actually extremely dangerous. In fact, so dangerious that someone is going to get hurt or killed especially when unknowingly driving with one light or even none (as I have a few times on accident).

    Add me to the list,

    Mike M

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    are you sure it was the

    are you sure it was the bulb?
    it sounds to me like it was more of an electrical connection problem or maybe a wiring problem.

    then it would make sense to remove some of the body parts in order to fix it.

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    I too have had same problem

    I too have had same problem with my 2007 Prius. Both lights have been replaced for free after warranty by the dealership. The second at 49,000 miles. I have ordered a pair of bulbs from plasmagarage.com for $229.00 for the pair. My right light went out last night and I don't think the dealership will replace it at 71,000 miles so I will either replace myself or get a mechanic to do so. Add my name to the list of disgruntled Prius owners but I still am really happy with the car itself.

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    Prius headlights are HID

    Prius headlights are HID lamps. Kind of like a florescent lamp on steriods.

    HID lamps have both ballasts and starter circuts, like florescent lights. And when they go bad, they start to flicker and continiously restart.

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