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    I just experienced EXACTLY

    I just experienced EXACTLY what everyone is posting about: a Great Car with crappy headlights. This is called a PRODUCT DEFECT. The dealership blew smoke up my "tail-pipe", and quoted me $367 for a LIGHT BULB!!! ?????

    What are they smoking????

    This calls for a class action suit, or a cumulated message to Toyota to own up to 1) their headlight production problem, or 2) their crappy quality control; or 3) their deceptive trade practices.

    This is the sort of lame answer that Cheverolet gave when 25% of all corvairs sold rolled over and killed someone.

    This is Corporate Gobbldy Gook.

    This is "Sugar Honey Iced Tea"!

    As for me, I love my Prius, but I want new headlights that work.

    Please reply to me at [email protected]


    I will cumulate the responses and send them to every major US newspaper and to Congress and to DOT and we WILL Force a recall.

    You anbd I will get our defective headlights replaced. FREE! Again, I LOVE my Prius, but I don't like getting smoke blown up my tail pipe.

    If we unite and fight back, we will have justice.

    [email protected]

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    I, too, have a 2006 Prius.

    I, too, have a 2006 Prius. My version was package 7 (bluetooth, GPS, Leather the works) So, my head lamps are the most expensive - HID (high intensity discharge) I was quoted about $1000 for mine to be replaced. Obviously I will live with flipping my headlights off and on. However, I will add, I have been stopped over 7 times by the police and have gotten warings all but once. The last one was by the Mass State Police which I will fight as the only reason I was stopped was for "defective equipment" since my right light (passenger side) was out. The head lamp is not defective though as I can easily resolve by simply turning off then on the lights and they appear to work fine for a few minutes, at best. then they it will go out again. This problem is very consistent.

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    I just had to replace driver

    I just had to replace driver side light and dealer wanted $459! I have 42,000 on my prius so wasn't covered under extended warranty. I complained to dealer and they are going to replace for $100. I couldn't believe it! But I will have to suck it up and pay the 100. Pep boys has a regular bulb that would work for $10. Next time I will have to go with that even though it isn't the high intensity.

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    I too went to have my right

    I too went to have my right side headlight bulb replaced today with one that I had purchased from an auto parts store. They looked up the make and model to get the part #. The cost of the bulb was $8.55. I then followed the diretions in the owners manual to replace the bulb but still couldn't reach it. I made an appointment to go to the dealer and was informed that it was not the correct bulb and I too needed an HID bulb which would cost me $300.00, which did not include labor and was told it is not covered under my extended warranty. They would not put the other bulb in the car for me and told me it is still working just at a different intensity and that the bulb may be on it way to burning out. It works intermiitently.

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    You guys should have bought

    You guys should have bought an American Car.

    Look at the weird problems you have. These issues and expenses will cost more than the gas you save.

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    Same problem. You may add my

    Same problem. You may add my name to your list. THanks

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    2008 Prius with 15K and the

    2008 Prius with 15K and the driver's side HID light goes out after about 3-5 minutes. It is yellower than the passenger side. Turn lights off and on, it reappears for a few minutes, then goes out. On a mountain road this defect can be fatal.
    These cars should be recalled.
    File a complaint at [https://www.FTCComplaintAssistant.gov/] and get the ball rolling. $400 to replace one lamp!

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    I have a 2006 Prius and am

    I have a 2006 Prius and am dealing with the second headlight right now. Drivers side went out this spring and was replaced under warranty. Passenger side is now intermittent. Same story with replacement from dealer, about $400. I am on the phone with Toyota USA right now registering my complaint, then its off to FTC website to log one there. I will post Toyota USA's response to the complaint here. As far as a recall, I don't think the car needs to be recalled just the headlights. Perhaps Toyota needs to extend the warranty for these HID headlamps to the life of the car. I will say that the service manager at my dealer was very sympathetic and relayed his own experience with his Prius and BMW needing these bulbs quite frequently. Of course this does not make up for Toyota's disregard of, in my opinion, defective parts.

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    About 45K miles and the same

    About 45K miles and the same story of headlight on and off. I agree that Toyota should be held responsible. However in the meantime isn't there a replacement bulb that will work and not go out so quickly? Kent

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    Al, did you put in the

    Al, did you put in the cheaper bulb, and does it work? Kent

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