// Replacing headlight bulb on Prius
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    Replacing headlight bulb on Prius

    Crazy about my '04 Prius . . . until this week.
    A month ago, the passenger side headlight blew out. The parts guy at the dealer just stuck a new one in, in 5 minutes.
    This week, the driver's side headlight went out, and I was told that the bumper needs to be removed so they can then remove the fusebox, and then to the bulb. Cost? (Take a breath.) $196. (You read that right!)
    Is this actually the case or am I being taken for a pidgeon here? Do you think I could get my "regular" mechanic to do this? Any thoughts out there?
    -Larry G

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    Replacing headlight blub

    I want to change out my 2001 Prius headlights for a more powerful bulb.

    Will I have to take off the bumper as above or can I do this at home.?

    What brand/make of bulb can I use to get mor elight on the road. I know
    that lumens/candlepower is the better measure of the amount light that
    get put out.

    I have googled for bright bulbs and think that I want a PIAA HID for a replacement bulb.

    Suggestions or answers ?


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    2008 headlight

    I can only speak to the 2008 Prius.

    I have the factory shop manuals. The proceedure for changing a headlight

    Remove fender well trim ( a few screws)
    Remove front bumper COVER (not the bumper- the plastic cover)
    About 14 screws. Mostly on the underside, get a creeper, and a few
    on the top.

    Remove the (left or right side) Headlight assembly ( a couple more screws).
    One assembly contains the headlight, turn signal and running light. Unplug
    the electrical connector from the assembly. All bulbs remove from the back
    of the headlight assembly. Headlight is held in place by bail wire, smaller
    bulbs are 1/4 turn.

    I don't see anything here you can't do yourself in under 1/2 hour with just a #2 phillips screwdriver.

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    I have a 2006 Prius. The

    I have a 2006 Prius. The driver side head light goes out now and then as I am driving. It is unpredictable. If I turn the lights off and then back on, the light works again.
    The dealer said that it will cost about $450 to replace it. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with it. It doesn't seem to be getting worse over time, and it does not go off too often.

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    I have a 2006 Prius. Last

    I have a 2006 Prius. Last September (at 46k miles) one head light went out but when I turned my lights off and on it would come back on. In replacing this bulb the cost at the dealership would have been $300. The Service Dept. thought it equally ridiculous that the bulb would go out so soon (no longer under headlamp warranty, of course). They paid for the replacement, minus the $50. deductible. A week later, the other headlight went out. The dealership paid for that bulb completely.
    I am now at 70k miles and have a headlight again winking at oncoming traffic. I bet the dealership doesn't replace it this time. I'm starting to sense a pattern here that could prove to be very expensive.

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    I just replaced one at the

    I just replaced one at the dealership for $347, now the other is going. Yes, there is a pattern and someone is losing. Prius owners like you and I.

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    All bulbs remove from the

    All bulbs remove from the back
    of the headlight assembly.

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    Please refer to

    Please refer to http://www.wikihow.com/Replace-Headl...-on-2005-Prius Those directions are for replacing the drivers side. My passenger side just blew out this week, I guess I'll be listing step by step directions for that.

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    The wikihow article posted

    The wikihow article posted by Chris worked perfectly. The only frustating part is the lack of visibility, most of the procedure has to be done by feel. Thanks for the link Chris!

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    We got all the way down to

    We got all the way down to the spring clip and can't seem to get it off. Is it open at the top? what was the trick to getting it loose?

    Oh yea 350 is ridiculous. Cost of any dealership work with Toyota and their refusal to certify or teach mechanics that aren't at dealerships is my biggest gripe with the Prius. since I drive my vehicals 2 - 3 hundred thousand miles being able to get my local mechanic to work on them is pretty important.

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