I just experienced EXACTLY what everyone is posting about: a Great Car with crappy headlights. This is called a PRODUCT DEFECT. The dealership blew smoke up my "tail-pipe", and quoted me $367 for a LIGHT BULB!!! ?????

What are they smoking????

This calls for a class action suit, or a cumulated message to Toyota to own up to 1) their headlight production problem, or 2) their crappy quality control; or 3) their deceptive trade practices.

This is the sort of lame answer that Cheverolet gave when 25% of all corvairs sold rolled over and killed someone.

This is Corporate Gobbldy Gook.

This is "Sugar Honey Iced Tea"!

As for me, I love my Prius, but I want new headlights that work.

Please reply to me at [email protected]


I will cumulate the responses and send them to every major US newspaper and to Congress and to DOT and we WILL Force a recall.

You anbd I will get our defective headlights replaced. FREE! Again, I LOVE my Prius, but I don't like getting smoke blown up my tail pipe.

If we unite and fight back, we will have justice.

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