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    Hybrid with a salvage title

    I saw an old (first-generation) prius on craigslist for $4000 with 65k miles in the color I like, but it has a salvage title. I was thinking about getting it, since a salvage title is the only way in HELL I'll ever be able to afford a hybrid.

    I know the risks often associated with salvage cars, and maybe it goes double for hybrids due to the 500-volt lines and the battery stuff. If that was damaged severely, and not repaied properly, that could lead to trouble.

    However, salvage cars can be repaired and then sold again. This one looks good (there are photos all around, and it looks like it's never been hit; however, I'm still unsure aboout under the hood due to the issues I brought up last paragraph.

    Any advice on this???

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    dont do it!!

    4k for a salvaged Hybrid? Yeah, I don't think so. There's obviously something wrong with it. You just need to figure out what it is.

    You might as well call experts for their opinion.. give me a call any time. my # is on this site: http://junkcarcashout.com/

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    well make sure it at least has these things right if not you might want to back off. It's just a link to an image with a bunch of tips to watch out for in salvage cars. found it on the image site imgur.


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