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    The solar powered car has been one of the "holy grail's" of the auto industry for a long time. While it has been done in specialty projects with custom built vehicles and huge budgets, the best average speeds are less than 40 mph in the middle of the summer and the vehicles are so light that they risk being flipped by passing trucks. The problem is that it takes a lot of area exposed to the sun to collect much solar energy. Car roofs just don't have much area to collect the sunlight.
    Your idea of storing the solar energy is good and will certainly help, however, it is unlikely that you can get more than a couple of miles of range after parking a car with solar cells on top in the sun for a day.
    They people who do run their cars off of solar energy (and there are a lot who do) generally put the solar cells on the roof of their house (where there is a lot of area exposed to the sun) and charge their electric cars from those. Actually, even better, what most do is to have their solar cells connected to the normal electrical grid so that they sell electricity back to the power company during the day. During the day, the solar cells are most effective since the sun is shining, the power company needs the extra electricity to handle daytime airconditioning, and electricity is most expensive. They charge their EV's from the electric grid during the night when the power company has excess electricity so the prices are low. It all works together quite nicely.

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    I just finished watching the

    I just finished watching the NOVA presentation on "cars of the future" featuring Click and Clack from NPR. I guess it was from 2006 because I think I had seen it before, and one clip showed them rolling out a new 2007 Chevy Volt.

    Anyway, it was great to see all the work that is going in to making cars more fuel efficient, and to use alternate energy sources. The main thing is funding, it seems.

    But one thing that was not mentioned was patents. Could it be that everyone is so protective of their inventions that nobody gets to benefit from a combined effort.

    What if all the best ideas were combined. I would love a car that had the strength and lightness of the carbon fiber, snap together body, the energy efficiency of a hybrid (E85) electric vehicle with an extra solar panel boost, and even a plug in to charge option.

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    I still hoping for the day

    I still hoping for the day that all cars run on hydrogen and all cars are priced along the price lines of today.

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    It would take a noteworthy interest in sun powered boards and a low-scope bright atmosphere to energize a module vehicle consistently. Current Li-Particle based module structures need a great deal of vitality to energize.

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