In 1997 my company ,NFA Vehicles, tested this vehicle with a 1000 watt Honda generator under the fiberglass hood. The fiberglass did not melt, which is what we were testing to ensure would not happen.


We do not claim to have the first hybrid, indeed London was running a fleet of hybrid gas-electric busses in 1904.

Credit is given to Mellisa Manning of Texas for the design of the fiberglass hood and frame rail set up. Mellisa owns a fleet of Kenworth trucks and she took the styling inferences from the Kenworth aerodynamics.
The vehicle is known as the NFA Vehicles Type Nine.
One can also do a web search for "Fiberglass Ladies Bicycle" or "Mellisa Manning" to find other web pages refering to this unique vehicle.
Additionally , I should mention that the fiberglass resin was blended with aluminum powder. The hood is %40 aluminum, which may have prevented the fiberglass from melting due to the heat from the generator.

Jim Donohue
NFA Vehicles
[email protected]