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    Schreib doch bitte noch ein

    Schreib doch bitte noch ein wenig ausführlicher. Würde gerne noch mehr über das ganze wissen.

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    ex-EV1 driver "Remember that

    ex-EV1 driver "Remember that most cars today are ready for major overhaul or replacement at the 140K mile point."

    What the heck kind of crappy cars are you buying? I drive a cheapo '02 Kia Optima with 200k miles and have had to replace an alternator. Hardly MAJOR overhaul. And since the wheels haven't fallen off I'm not feeling alot of pressure that it was ready for replacement 60k miles ago. But I suppose I don't have the budget to be Mr. Disposable-Car-Owner, considering necessary replacement to be when the color gets old...

    Also that battery replacement isn't an even trade for a new vehicle. There are many of the same maintenance requirements on a hybrid as there are on a standard vehicle plus those of the additional systems.

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