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    Will never ... , The problem

    Will never ... ,
    The problem you're facing is that the Prius battery replacement industry isn't a commodity because it doesn't have to be done very often. You should be able to shop around and get better prices, however, there may not be enough business for Prius battery repairs to give you many options.
    Remember that most cars today are ready for major overhaul or replacement at the 140K mile point. $5K is a lot cheaper than a replacement car and not much more than a complete head job + rebuilt transmission.

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    I am considering a 2006

    I am considering a 2006 Prius with 78K on it from a Toyota dealer for $15,000.
    I am concerned about battery replacement in the future....I was told by a friend that it may cost $10,000.
    I can't afford a brand-new Prius, so if the battery went bad and it did cost that much, the price would be as much as a new car, and I would be out of luck.
    Any comments, suggestions on what to ask the dealer?

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    My 2002 prius was totalled

    My 2002 prius was totalled in a car accident by a 17yr old punk in a 94 mercury sable. I had 349,531 miles. The batteries were NEVER replaced. Go to www.john1701a.com go to owners and click on Jesse.

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    The fact of the matter is

    The fact of the matter is you may not have to replace the battery during the warranty's lifetime, but when you think about it that chemical producing hunk of metal will sit in a landfill forever. It can never be fixed once done, never be reused for any of it's parts, and it doesn't help the enviroment at all. We need to worry about what is in our landfills and not what is in our air.

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    Cars and their components

    Cars and their components seldom wind up in landfills. Almost the entire car (hybrid batteries included) is recycled.

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    your all treehuggers

    your all treehuggers

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    your all treehuggers

    your all treehuggers

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    im just playing around

    im just playing around actually hybrid cars are the new age of driving they have low emissions and they use less gas. for example look at the new Toyota 3rd generation prius it uses the wind and sunlight to power its cars.

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    To save everyone a couple of

    To save everyone a couple of clicks, I did check out the URL, and found this:

    "The Prius battery (and the battery-power management system) has been designed to maximize battery life. In part this is done by keeping the battery at an optimum charge level - never fully draining it and never fully recharging it. As a result, the Prius battery leads a pretty easy life. We have lab data showing the equivalent of 180,000 miles with no deterioration and expect it to last the life of the vehicle. We also expect battery technology to continue to improve: the second-generation model battery is 15% smaller, 25% lighter, and has 35% more specific power than the first. This is true of price as well. Between the 2003 and 2004 models, service battery costs came down 36% and we expect them to continue to drop so that by the time replacements may be needed it won't be a much of an issue. Since the car went on sale in 2000, Toyota has not replaced a single battery for wear and tear.

    Fine so far, however, but if you follow the URL on that page just above the paragraph I cite, to get more info on the press release involved, you will find that it's from June of 2004. I agree that the the fact in the first 4 (5?) model years beginning in 2000 there were zero battery replacements required is a good sign, but in discussing the battery life in 2009/2010) , something a little more current would be preferable.

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    I loathe democrat liberals.

    I loathe democrat liberals. they are plain filth. they are elitist, and their logic is based upon they know better than you do. Usually seen wearing birkenstock sandals, that is how you pick them out in a crowd. they love al gore of course. He who wants to sell them carbon credits. but not because, it helps clean up the environment... but so he can get richer. But did you know how he got rich in the first place? he owned $500M of Conoco stock. yes, that right, he was in bed with the dirty oil crowd. He cares less about any of the wacko environmental crowd then he does about his gasoline guzzling cars, and not a single battery-powered one among them. This man is just common filth. all democrat elitists are also common filth.

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