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Thread: 3 wheelers

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    3 wheelers

    There seem to be a number of 3 wheel concept vehicles I've seen. BMW (CLEVER Concept) for example has one. These car/motorcycles have to get decent fuel economy. They may not be hybrid in the sense of engine technology. But they could sure be considered hybrid in the sense of a cross between a car and a motorcycle. Certainly they would be more 'hybrid' than the smart for 2 (which is close to being a 4 wheel motorcycle.)
    I would certainly be interested in a 3 wheel vehicle (a motorcycle with a passenger shell) that would let me get to and from work more efficiently and in the rain (here in Seattle) without getting wet.

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    check out the aptera. 3

    check out the aptera. 3 wheels and 300mpg. only available in ca. right now.

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    Actually, the Aptera is not

    Actually, the Aptera is not available at all yet. Like with a potential great EVs and PHEVs, there are people with good ideas but converting good ideas into products is very difficult. I hope Aptera makes it along with a host of others.

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