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    I have a 1997 Geo Metro xfi

    I have a 1997 Geo Metro xfi that has been in the family since new. It has been treated very well. I recently had the fuel pump replaced as well as the distributor. It runs wonderful, the paint is nearly immaculate, no dings, no nothing. Interior is totally fine. I plan on keeping it for a long time. It currently has 108,000 miles on it. These days I don't put a lot of miles on it, it's actually sorta semi retired. Sometime in the future I'd like to do a total restoration for fun. I get the last laugh at the gas station and I have no car payment. Works for me!

    Reno, NV

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    I clicked on your link but

    I clicked on your link but it looks like a bunch of advertising. If you are still in business, please contact me at my email.


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    I own a 1991 Geo Metro 3

    I own a 1991 Geo Metro 3 cylinder 5 spd with a/c.
    This car was picked up 3 years ago for 1600 , runs perfectly and I average 50 mpg highway, many years prior I owned a Datsun B210 in high school which had 25 hp more than the geo, but also got 50 mpg highway,
    .Both of these cars equal the mpg of a Toyota Prius despite the fact that they are 20 - 30 years older and drastically less expensive both on purchase price and maintenance costs.

    Its too bad that in a bad economy they wont bring back the Metro for those that just want cheap, reliable transportation or at least let us order some comparable 2 or 3 cylinder cars through specified importers..
    If there any such importers, would love to know who they are if anyone has the info.

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    hi i jus purchased a 1991

    hi i jus purchased a 1991 geo metro 5 speed. i jus luv the little car. the car was in good shape inside and out. it is really a gas saver. it has 158,000 miles on it and i will continue to dive my geo and enjoy zooming by the gas sations.

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