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    They need to bring back the Geo Metro!

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    They need to bring back the Geo Metro!

    I totally agree. With the biggest joke being the Smart car for $25,000 and up and a mediocre gas mileage for a 3 cylinder, the Geo was a much better car. I owned 2 new ones, a 1988 and a 1996. Both got 50 MPG and the price, close to $8000.00.
    Bring it back, bring it back bring it back!!!

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    They need to bring back the Geo Metro!

    I had my geo for a couple months. I get a constant 53 mpg, i avoid all the 70mph highways because i'd like to keep the car from 50-55mph. There are no complaints except the gas guage ((it doesn't go to empty unless i go 450miles or so, and when it goes to empty it takes me 20 whole dollars to fill it back up, darn thing)) when i compare it to my friends Lincols Navigator i use 3 and half times less gas. The down side is that i show up to every where 10-15 minutes later. It is a great car PLEASE bring it back in Diesel or Gas. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.


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    They need to bring back the Geo Metro!

    I agree. Bring back the metros. Especially the xfi's. I hear they get 53-63 mpg. Why can't someone start building them again. They quit because of low demand, but surely with the price of gas, the demand would be back up??????????

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    My '94 GEO Metro...

    I purchased this car "new" & the last time I checked my mileage, I was getting over 53 mpg & that was part city & highway driving...
    It has over 214,000 miles on It. 3 cylinder with 5 speed transmission...
    Just recently got it back on the road... Had to put a new fuel pump in it & have the timing re-set where I had gotten the timing "off" when I put a new water pump & timing belt on it... It runs just as "good" as it did the day I drove it off the lot (new)... That's pretty much all that it has required - except for normal maintenance...

    You might say that I'm "tickled-to-death" with it so far... I've even bought a new stereo for it... I can Cruise right by the gas station now with a "grin" on my face... I'm sure I know why they stopped building them....

    So, they can try to "market" their HIGH Priced "hybrids"...

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    different animal

    Yeah, high priced hybrids. Its sad but your metro doesn't have any of the safety equipment available now (mostly because its required ) 12 years later. Maybe you could get some sort of retrofit. But even with its great mileage it probably has worse pollution than the hybrids.

    It maybe better that you keep your old car, becaues its so thrifty, than buying a new car, even a hybrid, with all it's new stuff that had to be made.

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    My Geo Metro

    I have to say that I own a 1997 Geo Metro. I just love this car!!

    I bought in used in 2003. The engine has been the weak link with my car but after the newest "used" engine has been put in I am still driving it. The car has a "Herbie" like quality to it. It is just a fun little car. The gas mileage is just great!! Here is a link to a site that has pictures of my car, http://www.cardomain.com/ride/676894.

    I read this thread and have a few comments to make. Yes, the newer cars are getting better safety features put in but the cost of the new cars are high as well. I took a driver training course years ago through the Young Drivers training program in Ontario, Canada. The biggest safety feature a cany car can have is a properly trained driver at the wheel. I have been collecting a lot of automoble stuff in the range of diecast cars and model kits, books and videos of car related movies (both real life fact based films and fictional movies that feature cars as a major part of the film) to get a good idea of what is going with the car as it relates to our culture.

    I see that the North American based auto designers are going to start thinking small after the fuel prices get into the range of what the Europeans are paying. After trip to the Ukraine last Sept., I see just how lucky we North American's to have what we have right now in this country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    I love the Metro's. I have a green Car dealership in northern California where we refurbish Metro's and other small cars. http://www.cagreencars.com

    Affodable, high gas mileage for the masses.
    Hi John,

    Are you still in business at cagreencars.com? because I'm trying to get in but the apparently the site does not exist anymore. Do you have a new address you can provide? Apreciated.


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    hey i love the geos they do

    hey i love the geos they do got a little getup & go they are fun and a great vacation car im looking for some more if u have a p.o.s or somthing let me know please i agree they need to make them again they would make a killing on them
    my e mail is [email protected] please if u have a junk one let me know ur price thank you

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    Your ONLY chance is to

    Your ONLY chance is to restore an old one. Modern emission & crash safety standards make a new 2009 50mpg Metro impossible to bring back. If it was possible the Toyota Yaris would be the new Metro, but it's not. They get maybe into the low 40's highway. BTW saying the old Geo pollutes more is only true if you think CO2 pollution is irrelevant.

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