Geo Metro had a small engine, and it accelerated pretty slowly. Americans of a different generation have a totally different idea of what a "fast" car is. My dad and mom suffered through the 70's oil crisis with some slower cars. To them a diesel Golf seems fast (0-60 of 12 seconds).

My Honda Metropolitan scooter has a 0-30 of around 8 seconds (it gets 90-110 mpg, though). Most cars now days will reach 60 mph in 8 seconds. See the problem? Lead foots, people with distorted views of "fast".

I'd like to see the Ford Focus and other cars sold in the US with 1 liter engines. They do it in Europe all the time. But in the US the smallest you can get is 2.2 liters, which is completely overpowered. You don't need to accelerate like Mario Andretti from a stoplight.