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    I used 5w-20 for my civic

    I used 5w-20 for my civic hybride and some one said above that it good for 10000 miles but after 4500 miles maintence light started to blink for few sec aftrer started but once passed 5000 miles, maintenace light was premenetly ON.once i changed the oil light GONE.
    so is it true it good for 10000 miles? oil looked very black after 5000 miles and no any other problem for the light on.
    Sticker said next oil chnage date and miles met almost same time.

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    I just changed my oil in HCH

    I just changed my oil in HCH 2003
    purchased from auto shop : 4 containers of mobil 1 0W20 synthetic oil ($7 per container)
    i bought a $13 mobile 1 oil filter (could have bought a cheaper one for $5
    took it to a quick oil change place and paid them $10 to change the oil
    TOTAL : $51

    Then the guy showed me my cabin air filter (filthy) in my car so I dished out another $25 to replace it :S
    should i have done that?

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    the 2010 Prius requires 0-20

    the 2010 Prius requires 0-20 oil, its in the manual and also on the oil cap.

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    oil 0w20

    oil 0w20

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    Yes, you need to change your

    Yes, you need to change your cabin filter every so often according to your owner's manual. If it was dirty, then yes, it should have been replaced. I have a Civic Hybrid 2008. Symbol 2 on page 213 of 2008 Civic Hybrid owner's manual indicates changing the cabin filter, assuming dust/pollen filter is the same as cabin filter, which I assume it is.

    I want to verify what another post said. It is acceptable to use 5W-20 oil instead of 0W-20 (page 215, last sentence, lower right corner for 2008 Civic Hybrid Manual). 0W-20 is preferred, but 5W-20 is okay. Who knew the manual could actually be useful? haha

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    AutoZone will allow you to

    AutoZone will allow you to order Castrol or Mobil 1 synthetics online and have them delivered to your nearest store. The cost was $6.49/quart for either brand in 0W-20, but there is a 20% coupon right now (code "DA20"), so total cost with NE tax was $26 and change. Usually arrives in two or three days.

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    Hey guys, you can run that

    Hey guys, you can run that synthetic oil into the dirt, and it will still perform. The reason we change the oil is not that it is old, but that it needs to be filtered, and car oil filters will not do the job. So 10,000 miles is good on synthetic. However, the oil filter is where the money is at. The best oils, such as Ams Oil, will do no good if you use a $2.00 fram filter. I recommend Pure One, Mobil One, or Fram EXTENDED Guard filters. I also recommend you change your filter every 5000 miles. Do that and your ICE may last 500,000 miles.

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    Mobil 1 0-20 is usually

    Mobil 1 0-20 is usually available at Wal-Mart in one gallon containers. Just look for the containers with the green cap. My local WM's oil display is usually an entropic mess, so looking for the green cap is an easy shortcut.

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    I been using 5-W-20 Royal

    I been using 5-W-20 Royal Purple since 2005 and was told by Jiffy Lube I can use 0-W-20 synthetic oils year round if I been using the 5-W-20 thoe since 2000.I switched and have really noticed more better gas mileage and also used thier quart of T-X-7 ENGINE TREATMENT as it has micro moly and telflon mixture.I really have noticed much more horsepower too since they cleaned the fuel injectors out.Ams Oil I read really says 0-W-30 wieght viscosity oils are the ultimate in engine protection temperatures.Now I never burn oil ever using 5-W-20 but afraid I will burn some oil with this 0 wieght in the summer.Mobile One will warrantee this and on can so will auto maker.I will more likely go back to a 0-W-30 OR 5-W-20 the next 6,000 miles as you only use the T-X-7 engine quart every 4th oil change and next time my oil will really be even thinner and then it will lean out the engine slightly says Jiffy Lube.Dan in Chicago trying the lightest oil sythetic technology oils.

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    We're talking about putting

    We're talking about putting oil into a standard gasoline engine. The hybrid's electric motor not require oil changes (in the classic sense).

    So really, what we have is a 1.3 liter 4 cylinder high-efficiency typical gasoline engine. Consumer reports says no, unless you're in extreme conditions (Nome, AK in winter or Death Valley, CA in summer type conditions).

    There are studies (produced by oil company funded organizations) that may say yes. But, who benefits from the higher price and higher margin?

    For years and year and years they said change your oil every 3K miles. Now that's a laughable notion. I call BS. Don't forget to go with the undercoat too!!! HA! SUCKERS!

    But seriously, stick with the lighter weight S20 oil not the S30. An if you want longer performance go with the additive package if it's not too costly. That actually helps gasoline engines.

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