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    Bad news guys, there is no

    Bad news guys, there is no such thing as synthetic oil as everything we have, touch, feel etc. comes from Planet Earth. Who thinks our planet is synthetic?

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    If you are looking for 0W-20

    If you are looking for 0W-20 synthetic, I would keep an eye out for G-oil, especially if you go to Wal-mart. G-oil is the world's first Bio-based, API certified synthetic oil. It has been available at Wal-mart in the 5W-30 flavor for a year or so. The other weights, 5w-20, 0W-20 etc are set to be produced and on the shelves shortly. I know everyone has their own reasons for driving a hybrid, but I think you'll find this oil would fulfill many of those same goals/causes/etc. I own a distributorship in Durham, NC that distributes this oil and it is really begining to catch on. I've used it for several years in a VW Jetter VR6, and Mazda, and Ford Edge. Check it out at www.GETG.com, look for it at Walmart, and if you can't get it at your Walmart contact me and I'll help you find the cheapest way to get it whether through me or some other guys I know regionaly. If you want to keep up-to-date with the roll out in NC, follow our FB page for Revolution: Bio-based Lubricants LLC. The technical data on this is in line with Mobil 1 and is being used in NASCAR by the 3 car TriStar Motor Sports team...this is legit.

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    I have gotten several

    I have gotten several different brands of 0w-20 oil at pep boys, including Mobil 1, Pennzoil and they usually have several other brands. The Pennzoil ultra is supposed to be the best now. I asked pep boys locally to stock it and they did. I use it in my Honda Fit. I get 37-43 mpg in town and have gotten as much as 51.8 mpg on trips out of town.

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