Many people are complaining that the Honda Accord Hybrid does not get high MPG usage numbers.

As a future hybrid owner and currently debating between the Honda Accord Hybrid or Toyota Camry Hybrid, I am questioning the following:

Is everyone aware that the HAH has a V-6 engine and the Toyota Camry Hybrid is a 4-Cylinder?

I only ask because I was not aware of this, per se. I pulled the spec sheets and did a little fine print reading. For a V-6 to still have the performance of a sporty sedan and offer increased fuel savings is for me a huge incentive to buy this vehicle.

Now I know that it is horribly expensive. That goes without saying, but I think it simple boils down to individual perference and driving styles.

I perfer the sportier, more responsive car. Always have and always will. But, with this new Honda you get an increased savings in fuel consumption and the highest level of low emission vehicle standards currently available. This car averages 25 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon highway with a V-6 engine and luxe accomdations. And while you are tooling away on the road, you can be assured that the environment is doing better too, because you have a California Phase TT Low Emission system, AT-PEZ installed. Which has near-zero evaporative emissions and a 15 year / 150,000 mile warranty on its emissions equipment.

Golly, saving fuel and not harming the environment, while riding luxe in a sweet, sporty car! Sign me up!!

I only wanted to point this out to y'all and hopefully make you see what the postives are to owning a hybrid.

I currently own a 1997 Kia and I get 24 miles to the gallon in the city and 27 miles to the gallon the highway. Haven't checked on the emissions system, but I can bet they went cheap on what was installed. And luxe accomadations? Forget about it!!

What is my point? It is simply this: when I bought my first two cars it was less about being green and all about what I could afford.

Now, I can afford more and also weigh the impact that I make on the enviroment.

For me, having a HAH and fueling up less, while still styling about town in an affordable car is a great option. At let's be honest, I know American's are cheap, but $35,000.00, plus for a new car is really inexpenisve and we know it.

If you look carefully at the specifications for the HAH and TCH and within yourself, as to how much of an impact you want to have on the environment, the cost of having these types of cars can easily be justified.

As we all know, if you simply wanted a small sedan with a hybrid feature, you got the Prius and Honda Civic Hybrid.

But let me tell you, as a owner of a small sedan and 5'9.5 inches tall this time when I buy, I want to get something that will age gracefully with me and remain comfortable during many years of use.

If you are wondering why I have not purchased a HAH yet, I am waiting to see what new options they add or adjust for the 2008 model.

But, you never know, it's a long, holiday weekend and I may stop by the dealership and take a look see.