Quick questions for HAH owners. I have 3500 miles on my 2007 and I drove it to Toronto on business and back over the past couple days. Sunday night as I crossed into Canada I came across some wicked thunderstorms with heavy rain for about 100 miles.

When I got to the hotel and got out, just taking my weight off the seat (no jokes here) I heard squeaking. So, I investigated a little bit and sure enough there was a lot of squeaking spring noises coming from the front left corner.

The following morning it was still there and I stopped by a dealer in Toronto and the service rep was clueless. Said he never heard that before but that there was no way they could take a look at it that day - thanks Honda.

Anyway, 500 miles later and dry weather and the noises are gone. I figure it got VERY wet under there as the rain was very heavy, however, even my '92 Accord with 120K miles has never done that so I am curious if anyone else has had this issue???

Thanks in advance.


PS. 3500 + miles on the car since purchased new in late April 08. 30.4 MPG overall with roughly 50/50 miles city and highway (I live in hilly New England). The Toronto trip consistently at 75 - 80MPH I did 34.5MPG according to the dash display. Can't beat that within this class!!