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    Actually it is quite easy to

    Actually it is quite easy to rent automatics in Europe. They love it because they charge about 3 times as much for the rental. It helps them to maximize the prices to Americans and Asians tourists and business people while still offering affordable options to serve the locals.

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    I believe that the most

    I believe that the most important factor in developing a manual hybrid is for driving in the snow. I drive a 4WD manual and the response from downshifting rather than braking down an icy hill is HUGE. Braking will cause a car to slide, whereas downshifting will keep the wheels rolling straight while slowing down at the same time. This is an issue of safety rather than that of just enjoying a manual transmission above an automatic (which I do as well). I've never driven an EV like the one described in one of the above posts, but I don't expect that a single pedal system the way it was described in the above post would suffice in winter conditions considering that brakes would be applied in emergency conditions and would certainly cause a car to slide on an icy road. Personaly, my hope is for a 4WD manual hybrid that has the HP to truck up hills (considering that it is mountain driving that I'm most concerned with). If anyone has info on development of such vehicles please post in this forum. Peace!

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    Forget the horsepower of the

    Forget the horsepower of the 2005 civic, it's meaningless on a hybrid. You have got a lot more power than that 100hp, particularly in a Honda. Horsepower refers only to the power of the engine. The algorithms Honda came up with differ from Toyota's in that they act more or less exclusively as a power boost for acceleration, which is where you loose the most fuel anyway. If you really want horsepower, you shouldn't get a hybrid. The entire concept of a hybrid is reclaim kinetic energy lost while breaking and use it to scale down horsepower without skimping on things like acceleration.

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    Mountains suck for a hybrid,

    Mountains suck for a hybrid, and there's not a lot that can be done about that. Hybrids gain fuel economy largely by reducing their horsepower and replacing it with electric power. Going up a hill, you're not breaking, so you run out of electricity. Therefor, you need to run exclusively on your engine. If your engine is big, then you're pretty much negating the benefits of the hybrid anyway.

    Best thing to do in icy conditions with a lot of uphills is get a smaller 4WD, i.e. the Toyota Matrix 4WD model. More efficient but has the guts to make it up the hill.

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    Take a look at the Honda

    Take a look at the Honda CR-Z, just came out..... 6spd manual hybrid.

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    Yep, and it's about time!! I

    Yep, and it's about time!! I hope the Honda CR-Z sells well, so perhaps we'll see more cars with a manual transmission option in the future.

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    I would never buy a car with

    I would never buy a car with automatic transmission that has a computer integrated into the throttle/acceleration or braking system. For safety, to stop a runaway vehicle, the new hybrids cannot put the engine into neutral as can be safely done with a manual transmission car. I plan on keeping my manual transmission 1989 Camry, 1995 Corolla, and 2000Camry running as long as possible!

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    I live in the UK. I teach

    I live in the UK. I teach people how to drive. If they pass their test in an automatic, they can only drive automatics. So I need to teach in a manual gear change car. But I'd like to use a hybrid. Are there any?

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    From my research, only the

    From my research, only the 2011 Honda CR-Z actually has a 6 speed transmission.

    Sucks. I was hoping the 2011 Lexus CT200 carried a 6sp, but like traditional Toyota hybrids only carries an eCVT. Not much in the way of shifting gears, since there are no gears to shift.

    But I guess it's as close to sporty as I'm gonna get on a hatchback hybrid. I was never a big fan of the CR-Z.

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