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    (about http://hybridcarsmanual.com ) hello guys, just inform and sharing in this forum, in here we can find million adobe pdf files for ebook manual: service manual, repair manual and owner manual


    view and download available,..pretty nice and simple site, where i can get script like that?

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    I have a 6s manual

    I have a 6s manual transmission Honda CR-Z and I absolutely love this car!

    I still get decent mpg and have full control of the car.

    In the beginning, you do need to re-educate yourself how to drive a manual hybrid! In order to get good mpg, you must follow the car's instructions, esp. when it tells you to shift up. Also, you need to pay attention to the instant mpg, in order to see where you need to readjust your driving habits.

    CR-Z has a 1.5 engine and 122 hp which is more than enough to keep you going. When you are not thinking of the environment, you have the sport mode, and the car is a blast!

    It is not the most efficient hybrid but it is fun to drive unlike other hybrids.

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