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    can anyone tell me the total

    can anyone tell me the total cost of using this type of energy? A rough estimate for a year.

    and also what are the pros and cons of using this resource?

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    can anyone tell the annual

    can anyone tell the annual cost of this energy and resource?

    and also the pros and cons of using this resource?

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    are you a dealer or rep?

    are you a dealer or rep?

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    Here it is February of 2012

    Here it is February of 2012 and I'm thinking of selling my '03 Insight with 176,000 miles on it. It had the battery replaced under warranty a number of years ago. It's not ready for replacement but someone that's interested in buying it asked how much it cost. Since I work at a car dealer group that has a Honda dealer I called for my price on the battery (cost + 10%) and was told it is $1882.00 which includes sales tax.

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    I run a VW diesel at 4.4

    I run a VW diesel at 4.4 liters/100km. That's lower or equal to most hybrid. Diesel usually sells for less than gas and with the lower consumption turns out to be a savings.
    Road handling is excellent due to lower weight.
    There you go no toxic, heavy and costly batteries to load up a vehicle giving it less than desirable road handling using less fuel that usually cost less.
    Oh yes, forgot I run my diesels above 500,000 km and 15 years, wonder how many batteries that would take.
    All that hardware, complexity, weight, cost and toxic material, for what?
    = more cost for less car and no fuel savings.

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    So let me see 3,000 for

    So let me see 3,000 for batteries; that is a lot of money. Then add in what any repair cost would be on the car should it ever need repairs. Divide all that by the cost of a tank of gas in my 89 Buick and that's a lot of gasoline.

    I really want a reasonable car on gas but not if I am being sucked into paying out more then I normally pay for a car. I have financed two cars all the rest I have paid for out right and other then the two financed cars I have never paid 3,000 for my cars.

    I keep the one I have because it is cheaper to repair but the "system" is making it hard to keep older cars on the road almost forcing people into the cars they want you driving. Welcome to America today's America cause it isn't the America that my forefathers signed the the Declaration of Independence was then. Nope things now are motivated by GREED and more GREED. No one wants to keep the old if it still works just keep making and shoving things on the public. Sell, sell, sell, and buy, buy, and buy that is America now but beyond what is normal and not made in America.

    Too much for batteries no matter how long they last epecially since they are probably made with recycled material and not made here.

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    Don't be thinking the

    Don't be thinking the warranty is going to cover your full cost for replacement. Battery warranties are like tire warranties and are prorated so you can still have a substantial expense.

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    For people thinking they

    For people thinking they will save money by NOT buying a hybrid: We bought a civic hybrid in 2005, and have now put more than 200,000 miles on it. We've been averaging ~40 mpg. Let's say that instead of the hybrid, we had bought a 25 mpg gasoline car. How much more would we have paid in gasoline over those miles?

    40 mpg hybrid:
    (200,000 miles)/(40 mpg)=5000 gallons

    25 mpg other car:
    (200,000 miles)/(25 mpg)=8000 gallons

    So we've saved ~3000 gallons, which at ~$3 per gallon is ~$9,000

    This has more than made up for the premium we paid for the hybrid. Plus, we've done just that little bit to help the environment

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