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    Sorry still driving my 1981

    Sorry still driving my 1981 Mercedes 240 diesel, 453000 miles 30 mpg, 30 year old technology, we are so far behind the automotive curve here compared to the Europeans it hurts. New diesels? Toyota makes a diesel Yaris gets about 60 mpg, will they bring it to USA? Not when they have people duped into buying the Prius at $13,000 more with 13 mpg less. What matters is how much oil did you burn to travel X miles, oh, that's kilometers in the advanced world

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    Dennis, Batteries inside are

    Batteries inside are just Ni.MH D size cells cost a $6 ea they can be rebuilt several rebuilders in CA and couple on East coast. Let me know where you are and I will reccomend someone to you. I import the cells for tool pack rebuilders. aj

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    what is that supposed to

    what is that supposed to mean??

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    hi i live in sacramento,ca.I

    hi i live in sacramento,ca.I bought a vehicle yesterday and I think the batteries are bad .Do you guys help me where should i go and replace i on discounted prica because I am already broke.I dont no about the cars and the seller didn,t tell me about the car, and when i came home the engine light is on. Thankyou.

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    sorry and the vehicle year

    sorry and the vehicle year is 2003 hybrid civic.

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    What you are missing is that

    What you are missing is that you double the danger in a hybrid. You still have gasoline in the thing to run it and the corresponding increase in hazard already noted.

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    I recently wet to an

    I recently wet to an Infinity dealership to look at the new M35H, which has 360 hp and was supposed to get 27-32 mpg. This set of data is what attracted me in the first place. One of the dealership salesman told me the lithium-ion battery costs (now) $8,000 to replace (after 8 years?). I need some input on the correctness of his statement? after a long time a battery replacement may be cost more than the residual value of the car.

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    "residual value" is just a

    "residual value" is just a number. the residual value eventually goes to zero, whereupon even an oil change is "greater than the residual value". on a non-hybrid car, a blown engine or transmission can be too expensive to repair as well, unless you take into account the condition of the other major components, and the life expectancy of the car as a whole - a new hybrid battery is just one more expensive component on the list.

    but where i would consider the cost of a new battery is in the overall "savings" calculation: when the salesman tells me that the hybrid will more than pay for itself over the lifetime of the vehicle in gas savings.

    also, since i usually try to keep a car a little past the 150k mile (250k km) mark, the cost of a replacement battery could be what sends the hybrid car off to the crusher. (at 200,000 km, for example, i would never be able to recoup the cost of a new battery before other components, like the body and/or the engine, pack it in.) from my point of view, expenses should come in neat fractions of either the life expectancy (10 years) or service (250k km) of the car. i can map out 4 sets of tires, or 5 exhausts, or 2 timing belts, or 1 engine, but i don't want to be left with an "almost new" of anything to send to the junkyard, especially anything expensive. so i would actually rather that hybrid batteries either outlasted the car, or died a little earlier (120k km).

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    Wow. The amount of

    Wow. The amount of misinformation about the safety of the HV system on these vehicles is astounding. I'm truly bothered that firefighters would have so little training on this topic.

    1) The orange cables on every hybrid I've ever seen run under the body of the vehicle, usually towards the center. Why the JOL would need to be cutting anything there is beyond me.

    2) Even assuming that the cable was in a location in danger of being cut, it doesn't matter because the battery system opens contactors within the battery and removes the voltage from the cables under a lot of circumstances (any significant crash, normal vehicle shutdown, damage to the orange cable, etc).

    3) It is true that the sheetmetal is the ground plane for the 12V system. It is NOT true that the sheetmetal is the ground plane for the HV system. The positive and negative are housed within the cables and it is a closed system. As noted above, if something intrudes on this system and the battery detects that something isn't right with the current flow it opens the contactors.

    4) All hybrid batteries that I've seen have a disconnect switch right on the battery as a failsafe that completely isolates the HV battery contents from the vehicle electrical system.

    Ask yourself this: In the ~12 years that hybrids have been out, have you heard of a single person being electrocuted by the HV system? I just did a quick Google search and the first couple of pages turn up lots of HV safety articles and not one news story.

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    I'm over 70,000 miles and

    I'm over 70,000 miles and need to replace my Hybrid battery. I won't buy another Honda or Hybrid car again. My next car will be a volk wagon.

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