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    GaryT, I certainly hope your

    I certainly hope your son never has to rescue someone from a regular car. Those things explode and kill people all the time.
    If you are really concerned for your son. Just tell him (as he should have learned at fire fighting school) not to cut an orange cable.
    Those air bags are not restricted to hybrids. They are a danger in all new cars.
    Pure electrics are the safest because they don't have any high explosives onboard at all.

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    The battery in my 2003 Civic

    The battery in my 2003 Civic Hybrid requires replacement and the estimate is $4100. at the dealer.
    Do the new batteries last longer, and is there a cheaper yet competent alternative to using the dealer? If not, owning a hybrid may be good for the environment but they are not cost effective.

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    Robert DeVaughn, I recommend

    Robert DeVaughn,
    I recommend you post in the Hondic Civic section. There are a lot of folks who are well up on HCH problems and issues. I don't have time to follow that section so I don't know if this has been addressed already.
    I do know, that we've had an '03 HCH and the battery is working fine. My suspicion is that its just a cell or two but your dealer finds it cheaper to charge you for a whole new pack instead of a partial one. I don't know what options you may have though since battery replacement is a fairly rare occurrence.

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    How do you disable the

    How do you disable the battery pack and run the Honda Insight as a regular gasoline car. I have a 2000 Insight and the battery pack is shot. It has 225 000 miles on it and I can't afford a new battery pack. I just want to run it as a regular gas car. It won't start because the battery pack is shot. Please help.

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    your replacement battery was

    your replacement battery was $23,000???? Please say you have too many zeros! I have 75,000 miles on my prius and know the warranty expires at 100,000 miles.
    Thanks, Kathi

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    Last week on another

    Last week on another hybridcars.com thread I posted some other options for getting a battery refurbished for less than $1,500.
    So, I sure hope that $23,000 is wrong, too.

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    Well truthfully hun, The

    Well truthfully hun,
    The orange wire isn't the concern. The entire car acts as a ground. So all of the car is flowing with electricity. And also, Hybrid cars are not completely illusive to having some fuel to them, there is also still oil that is needed in the vehicle. As well as brake fluid. All of which are highly flammable and explosive. You may be a hybrid lover, but they are still not the "safest" vehicles on the round .

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    well people,after reading

    well people,after reading your comments i have made the decision NOT to buy a hybrird. i live in norway and pay for gas at 8 to 9 dollars per gallon . we pay by the liter. when i arrived in norway i could`t fill my tank the sticker shock was to much. now i am almost use to it. most of the cost is in the tax. that is one way we get to pay for "free" medical care. free is the term the gov`t uses to sell the program . that may be in the cards by our present ad mininistration. we also pay 26% sales tax for almost everthing we buy. it is called socialism. and you are worried about batteries?

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    I have a 2003 Honda Civic

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with 61,000 miles. I expect the car may be 10 yrs old by the time the batteries need replacement. Is there some written material available on how to disconnect the hybrid battery feature that you discussed?

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    We now have 4 refineries

    We now have 4 refineries shut down due to lower demand. demand will go even lower if gas hits 4.00 again and the oil companies know their hayday is over so high gas prices won't sell .

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