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    Anonymous your probably

    Anonymous your probably right.I'm sure youle be better off filling up your gas burner @ $4.00+ per
    gallon for the next,what was it you said...o yes i remember,decad.Good luck.

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    It is between $2000 & $3000

    It is between $2000 & $3000 to replace the hybrid battery - according to a Honda Sales Representative I spoke with this week... June 4, 2008

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    Don't be fooled - Gas is

    Don't be fooled - Gas is going to $5.

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    $10 and then try to find it.

    $10 and then try to find it. After IVAN you could not find gas at any price. We were riding charter buses to work and we were the lucky ones.
    America has been in a freaking dream world for 34 years. In 1974 we were told the future by our best budies in the middle east. Right!

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    I checked the price on the

    I checked the price on the battery for the Insight. It is 1787 retail, and the place I checked sells them for 1394.60. I don't know why you would need new control modules??? But they are 1787 each and this place sells them for 1394 too. And that's a honda dealer. Oh and the parts break down only shows the need for 1 battery module, there is a control module motor and it is 812.37 retail. But again if it's not bad why would you replace it? Sounds like you got ripped to me.


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    The discussion is only

    The discussion is only focusing on replacing the battery. How much will disposing of a used battery cost, does any one know?

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    The Honda BCM ( Battery

    The Honda BCM ( Battery Control Module ) has limited ability to perform regular maintenance on its batteries.

    120 cells in series eventually over time will eventually need to be reconditioned and rebalanced.

    Since the BCM has no way of doing this it gives a code saying the battery is bad.

    Since Honda does not want to train or equip its technicians to take a 144V 120 cell battery apart to recondition or rebalance it... Honda Technicians are told to just replace the batteries... even if they do not need replaced.

    Although the 144V can be dangerous... if proper care is taken it can be handled safely... more safely than dealing with the 220+V system people have for electric ovens and driers.

    the Insight 120 cell battery pack is configured in 20 subpacks of 6 cells each... each of these 20, 6 cell sub-packs can be reconditioned and balanced with off the shelf battery analyzers like the Triton used for RC batteries.... the pack would have to be opened up to gain access to the sub-pack level... It took me about 1 week to do this whole sequence in my spare time.

    Even if one of the 6 cell welded together subpacks turns out to be bad it can be replaced with a 6 cell subpack from any other model year of Insight and the 6 cell subpacks are also a direct replacement from HEV Civic before the 2006 battery change.... other HEV batteries would require significantly more work to safely function in the Insight.

    In 2007 I bought 2 HEV Civic battery packs from salvage yards ... each was only $250 from a totaled HEV Civic.

    Also the Honda Insight with its 12V system including a 12V starter and DC-DC converter... can be converted for under $20 to run without the 120 cell 144V battery at all... this would cause it to loose the Auto stop feature , regenerative braking and ... electric assist... but would still run as a 12V system power just gasoline car... The only catch is that after the conversion alternator function from the DC-DC system will stop while the engine RPMs are over 4,000.... but will then restart as soon as the engine RPMs drop under 4,000 again... so a nice strong 12V battery under the hood would be a good idea if you decide to remove the HEV 144V 120 cell battery from the rear.

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    Yes I own 2003 honda hybrid

    Yes I own 2003 honda hybrid and at 32000 miles I have replaced a battery, but it was coverd by the warranty at that time. Now my has 181000 miles on it and the light just come on and I took my car to the dealer it is true the battery was 23000 dollars and the larbor was 585 dollars plus tax. Beside that I had not even one single problem with this car.

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    Oh Wow! I can't believe that

    Oh Wow! I can't believe that price! I knew replacements were expensive but, holy cow, that's a crime.

    So we get duped into buying an electric hybrid for PC purposes, thinking we're doing a good thing and thinking we're going to be saving loads of gas, just to find out that a battery pack replacement costs over $6000!

    It just confirms my suspicions that Water Hybrids are THE only practical solution to the energy crisis today.

    Our most expensive Hydrogen Generator kits are only $800 and come with absolutely everything needed to convert your car into a water hybrid, including connectors, wires, control modules, everything. You will immediately see a 20%-50% increase in mileage, some even more ( one guy put 2 generators in his car and went from 10 MPG to over 23.8 MPG and that was a BIG one ton van with a 5.7 liter motor).

    For people on a budget we help by offering a do it yourself manual where you learn everything you need to know about this incredible industry, including how to build them from parts available locally for a few hundred bucks.

    This IS the industry that is growing like wildfire (under the radar because very little press is given to it) around the world.

    It's cheap, it's efficient, and it's great for the environment.

    Sell the lead bricks, go for Water Powered Hybrids - that's my recommendation.

    Transitional Technology, LLC
    Increase Gas Mileage-Use Water4Gas

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    My son is a fire fighter.

    My son is a fire fighter. Very few rescue units have the special tools to do a Jaws of Life extraction on a hybrid car. You can cut into 500 volts or more. Not to mention the high pressure inflation air bag/s system. Look up jaws of life for yourself.
    Hope no one ever needs to be rescued.

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