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    hybrid manufacturing

    I am thinking about buying a hybrid in the Fall. I've been doing a lot of research and my reasons are more environmental than saving money on gas or buying a new car. I've realized you can't tell anyone because everyone feels compelled to argue with you. Everyone has their ideas and mostly nonresearched beliefs on what a hybrid can and can't do. But, one arguement that I took seriously and am trying to decide on is the manufacturing of a hybrid. The decision to buy a Prius (for example) means you put an order in for a new car to be made so therefore elements need to be dug up and manufacturing plants are "turned on" creating pollutants and toxins that are put into our atmosphere. Will these toxins be just as bad or even worse for our environment? Is the decision to trade my car in and ordering a hybrid add to the problem? Will I cause more harm than good?

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    hybrid manufacturing

    Mary, the water you drink, the food you eat, the electricity you use, the clothes you wear...all cause some environmental harm somewhere/somehow. Of course the manufacture of your new car will cause further environmental degradation, just as the manufacture of your old car did, and your continued use of your old car will. Unless you want to live naked in a cave, your very existence will continue to cause liberal guilt. Get over it. Enjoy your hybrid, rejoicing in the fact that you're doing your part to save gas so your neighbors' SUVs will have enough gas for another day.

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    It is true, you shouldn't

    It is true, you shouldn't worry so much about that, because the fact is that everything we do affects the environment more or less. I was talking to one of the car dealers Lancaster has on the same idea and he told me that we should be thankful for the hybrid cars, because now we have more time to worry about getting rid of the other things that pollute the atmosphere.

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    I will not invest in a new

    I will not invest in a new vehicle and if I did it would NEVER have anything to do with gas again. Someday (probably too late) companies will learn to turn their back on gas and go fully into something substantial for the consumer like a biodiesel/electric hybrid and not gas.
    In 1976 america had gas lines, then again tremendous price increases from 2004 and continuing into 2011 and only more increases expected.
    The government demands those gas taxes and you are penalized if you can get around paying them. With electric, you have solar charging and with biodiesel, you can have many sources corn, soy, palm oil, etc and you can make it yourself, especially if you have your own place in the country.
    Biodiesel is cleaner and safer for the world, not to mention electric...I really do hope car companies will stop being controlled by washington, dc and the gas companies.
    The companies have already turned their back on biodiesel and stick with gas....so unfortunate for the consumers and the environment and the world.
    Also, a biodiesel/electric hybrid would be perfect to install as a powerplant for many inboard boats if they are produced as "marine grade"

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    I presume you're talking

    I presume you're talking about the B class cars. I had been wondering about the same thing regarding the bigger vehicles and I had to ask a couple of truck dealers Des Moines has about it. The point is that there are fewer and fewer things that aren't harming the environment. For example, you do use perfume, no? Think about that, for a second.

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    A lot of people have this

    A lot of people have this question in mind, I was one of them till I gave my Ford Mondeo to a car donations company and bought a brand-new Prius. If you love muscle cars with lots of horsepower a hybrid car like Prius will disappoint you, don`t expect from a hybrid car to make drag races with friends on the highway. These cars are perfect for urban driving, are cleaner and better, you hear no sounds while driving, sometimes I could not realize if the engine is started or not.

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    cause further environmental

    cause further environmental degradation, just as the manufacture of your old car did, and your continued use of your old car will. Unless you want to live naked in a cave.Latest News

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    Petro-hydraulic configurations have been common in trains and heavy vehicles for decades. The auto industry recently focused on this hybrid configuration as it now shows promise for introduction into smaller vehicles.
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