// Any word on discount/free parking in SF?
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    Any word on discount/free parking in SF?

    I'm considering getting one of the new Civic hybrids and doing a bit of the ol' cost/benefit shuffle. I know that LA and a few other CA cities have adopted free parking for clean air vehicles. I was wondering if anyone has heard any news on this for SF. I did some searches at the SF Chronicle, Guardian and only came up with one article saying that SF and Berkley were "thinking about it." I think that article was from '04. has anyone heard anything on this? I can't find anything. I'm sure anyone that lives here would agree that parking is a MAJOR issue and I'm very curious about this lovely free parking incentive that they have going on down in LA.

    (BTW - shouldn't the Bay Area be leading the pack with this kind of incentive program, instead of falling behind?)

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    Any word on discount/free parking in SF?

    There's free parking for hybrids in downtown San Jose, but I can't look up details right now. I recall it's complicated.

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    Any word on discount/free parking in SF?

    Hybrids are not "Clean Air Vehicles". They still pollute, just not as much. The "Clean Air Vehicles" that get free parking in LA and (I believe) SJ are ZEV's or Zero Emission Vehicles, ie battery electric cars. If you park in an EV space, you can be ticketed just as any other ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powered car.

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    Any word on discount/free parking in SF?

    as far as Pauls, comment...yeah, i can't picture free parking anywhere in the Bay Area being simple.... too good to be true, i guess. You know what they say about those kinds of things. As far as exEV1'a comment, I'm pretty sure they let the hybrids park free in LA, i remember a story about how the meter maids knew not to even bother with the Prius' because of their distinctive shape. Ah well just a pipe dream i guess. Thanks for the input though, i appreciate it.

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    As usual, California is the

    As usual, California is the national leader in offering hybrid car incentives, some employers hand out cash bonuses to employees to purchase a hybrid, others offer free or discounted parking, and also encourage auto donations. I read in San Jose and Los Angeles also offer free parking for hybrid cars. Though outside of California things are moving slower, New Haven and Albuquerque have begun to offer free parking to hybrid car owners as well.

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    I think offering the free

    I think offering the free parking to hybird owners is so good. I think they should be offering this in all major cities. I see this going good with people buying them. Toronto small claims

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