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    I use hydrogen (actually HHO

    I use hydrogen (actually HHO which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen). I get a 40% bump in my mileage with a big 5.7 liter Chevy engine, but with some of the new breakthroughs we're working on now, I should be able to double my mileage.

    It's clean (burns emissions and particulates more thoroughly), it lowers temps of engine by about 5 degrees from our research, and uses about a liter of water a week to save 30 gallons of gas a month or more.

    Works on everything but the Ford Powerstroke diesel.

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    I meant the station/gas you

    I meant the station/gas you switched from Shell over (regarding your message)
    "Now, to keep the tests honest, I filled up at the same gas station every time, the local Shell station. It was more convenient being right off the highway.

    One week, while running more tests (which I am always doing), I was on the road and realized I needed to fill up- had forgotten to pull into Shell. So I stopped at a different station (forget the name right off hand, but it wasn't Valero). I didn't think anything about it until the next fill up."

    I have been using shell, but since you are doing testing I figured if you knew where you have been going since I'd have a new place to try.

    Thank you

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