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    I get on average 42 mpg. I

    I get on average 42 mpg. I recently filled up the gas tank with E10 at a Shell gas station.
    Im only getting 35 mpg. This is the last time i go to that gas station and i will watch out for that blend.

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    I think there is a

    I think there is a significant difference between gasoline that has ethanol to replace the MBTE as a clean-burn additive and a gasoline-ethanol mix. For example, I think gas in CA can have up to 6% ethanol in place of MBTE and that will be sold as "regular gas". However, if you have more than 6% EtOH, the fuel has to state that there is ethanol added (such as "This fuel may contain up to 10% ethanol").

    I believe it is the same here in FL. While all gas sold in the state contains some ethanol (in place of MBTE), if it goes over a certain percentage pump labels are required to let drivers know.

    My mileage in a '07 Civic Hybrid suffers significantly when filling up with gas from pumps with the "up to 10% Ethanol" sticker, in fact sometimes over 10% decrease in FE. I really do try to avoid them whenever possible!

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    My experience with E30 in my

    My experience with E30 in my FEH has been positive. I experience no change in operating behaviors. My mileage is not significantly different (.2 mile loss over 300 miles), it cost me less to fill up and ethanol burns clearner. E10 might be the worst ethanol blend for your mileage and pocketbook.

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    Excuse my ignorance, what

    Excuse my ignorance,
    what does that all mean in relation to my pocket$$$$$?
    Is ehtanol fuel cheaper?
    someone please help me

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    mijiki, With the subsidies,

    With the subsidies, ethanol, is probably cheaper per gallon than gasoline, however, it probably isn't much cheaper per mile to drive.
    Of course the fact that the government is subsidizing ethanol so farmers are producing corn for ethanol instead of food is costing you more money at the grocery store.
    Bottom line: ethanol is a scam that isn't going to help you.

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    Well, I just got back from a

    Well, I just got back from a road trip and calculated less than 30 mpg. I've always wondered why my mileage has so bad, been going to BP with their ethanol+gas mixture. Maybe it is time to get out the bicycle . . .

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    HOW (either online or not)

    HOW (either online or not) can we find gas stations that don't use ethanol?

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    I have noticed the same

    I have noticed the same thing here in California. I track every mile in my vehicles since putting in a hydrogen generator- want to know improvements.

    I generally get about a 40% increase in my mileage (a Chevy Van with 5.7 liter engine). To get accurate measurements, I ran 4 tanks with it off, then turned it on, ran 4 tanks - the average increase was as shown.

    Now, to keep the tests honest, I filled up at the same gas station every time, the local Shell station. It was more convenient being right off the highway.

    One week, while running more tests (which I am always doing), I was on the road and realized I needed to fill up- had forgotten to pull into Shell. So I stopped at a different station (forget the name right off hand, but it wasn't Valero). I didn't think anything about it until the next fill up.

    When I did fill up again, I had to check and recheck my calculations - I had gone from 10 MPG to 16.5 MPG that week- that's a 65% increase compared to the normal 40%.!

    I have since quit using Shell. When I returned to it, the increase dropped back down to what it was before.

    Ethanol does not have the energy content for what it takes to produce it and is another political boondoggle foisted on us by dumb public officials and junk science.

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    Ethanol does cause a lot of

    Ethanol does cause a lot of trouble when the combustion and the oxygen sufficiency is not adequate leading to a sizable decrease in the mpg of the vehicle.

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    So what are you using now

    So what are you using now and how is it working for you?

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