// The Rotary Diesel Hybrid
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    The Rotary Diesel Hybrid

    People we need to think, Are cars should be like a train. Trains have diesel engines that power a generator, the generator power a motor. I'm sure i right on that. Please feel free to comment. Ok on the fact that the hybrids out now work like ........."old school gas engines that power a generator, the generator charges the batterys. So we got about 1,000 pounds of battery right? Why not run build a hybrid car like a train setup? Now rotary engines are great for the fact they are much smaller and we can introduce different fuels in a rotary. Such as diesel and gas or Biodiesel / ethanol. This can be done with having different fuel tanks and fuel deliverly. Now look i'm young ,only 19 years old but we need change!

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    The Rotary Diesel Hybrid

    Hi chad,
    the hybrid diesel sounds great. we do need to take cost into account. I drive a 2004 jetta tdi diesel myself. love the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If people would take mpg in account when buying a car we all be better off. for more on mpg go 40mpg.org

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    The Rotary Diesel Hybrid

    Great Idea, only shame is that it should been introduced 10 years ago.

    I problem with rotary motors is the low compression ratio, a turbo diesel rotary would ridiculous in terms of efficiency, power, and reliability.

    I could see a moderatly tunned diesel rotary turbo engine could produce 400hp with only a 1.3 liter 2 rotor motor similar to Mazda's 13b

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    The rotary engine should be

    The rotary engine should be less than half the diameter of the current rotary. That would help lower the high compression ratio. It would also raise the rpms, be turboed, then the braking horsepower-torque ratio would be more like a gasoline engine.

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    This 19yo had a great idea,

    This 19yo had a great idea, ahead of this time.
    Check out LincVolt...

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