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    Same experience last nite

    Same experience last nite when I towed my new 3000# RV home with HH. I have electric brakes on the twin axle trailer. Engine really "motorboats"on ther uphill.Showed 6 mpg,averaged about 12 (34mpg downhill).How are the CVT transmissions holding up with long tows?

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    greg says: "... my concern

    greg says:

    "... my concern isn't being able to tow the weight as much as pulling the boat back out of the water on a slick boat ramp..."

    physics suggest your worry might be more related to the tires than the car power... at low speeds such as ramp operations, the electric motor in hh tends to work towards your advantage than typical trucks.

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    Trains have been using just

    Trains have been using just electric motors with diesel engines for generators for years. No one accuses a train of being weak.

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    Do you have any problems at

    Do you have any problems at the boat ramps?

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    Any luck with that. I was

    Any luck with that. I was going to purchase an 1100 pound boat. Not sure anymore though

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    I have pulled my 4000lb boat

    I have pulled my 4000lb boat short distances ( put in and take out only) and have no problems. The only warning I have is that when the motor only is engaged, there is a bit of hesitation and rollback, so be very careful if you are on a plane abd the back end is close to the water. I have been able to neutralize this by accelerating with my foot on the brake to pop the gas on and then releasing the brake gradually hope this helps

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    Saw Toyota HH in the process of towing and it's impressive as against what I thought.

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