I help with a campaign called "Jumpstart Ford" - www.jumpstartford.com

Last month we launched a new phase of the campaign called the "Ideas Project" and we need you to make it a success. http://jumpstartford.com/our_vision/..._independence/

We know that their are people right across the country doing what the auto industry isn't - building fuel-efficient or zero emission vehicles.

We are hoping that you will share your ideas for an oil independent future with us. If you have a backyard bio-diesel project, a new strategy for critiquing car culture, a new design for a zero emissions vehicle, an oil issue that needs some attention, or some other idea? We want them all!

Each month we will feature one of YOUR submissions on our website and over our listserve. Send your submissions, pictures, or designs to Mike at [email protected] or Sarah or Nile at [email protected].